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Football nonces


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I don't suppose anyone will be allowed to point out that all this child abuse is carried out by pooves.


Feel free, but at least back it up with evidence.


Not saying yer wrang, I'm suggesting you haven't looked. Good chance that they are just deviants who like all sorts, but had easy access to young loons through fitba.

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Definitely a thing in Scotland too, no real surprise there:




Powerful interview with the victim on the news today.  I should whisper this, but Regan came across much better in his interview than anything the Nigel FA have produced which all seems to be a bit brand-conscious.  "We're sorry about what happened ages ago, and it was ages ago.  We'll look into it.  Please don't stop watching Match of the Day."


No details in the article on whether Hugh Stevenson had sex with men or women, or both, over the course of his life, but he certainly appears to have been a paedophile, and therefore a terrible cunt. 

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The problem is institutional. It began at boarding school for many.


Boarding schools themselves are sick by nature of course.


But when puberty occurs and the hormones are running wild, the "masters" turn a blind eye to the sexual humiliation of minors by their peers. It's called bullying in anyone else's language but considered a natural rite of passage by these sick cunts, something many of them went through themselves. The frisson of excitement. Entering the unknown. Fucked up poovery if you ask me but almost inevitable given the culture.


Not all abusers are ex boarding school but all abusers were abusees. And many boarding school sickos continue to get their kicks in adulthood from abusing others and with wealth and institutional power, they create opportunities to satiate their sickness. And we wonder why the police and the Freemasons are so secretive? So would you be if you were so damaged by your environment that you're allowed to commit crimes against humanity.

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The BBC are reporting today that more than 300 police officers have been accused of using their position to sexually exploit people, including victims of crime. This one footballer "coming out" is blowing the lid right off. Whilst that's good and proper, it's the police themselves who are covering up "the big one", the institutional abuse of children by government ministers and the political classes over many decades. And I hardly see the BBC wanting to dig into it, their own investigative journalistic motivations being compromised by agendas and nepotism. It wasn't like the BBC are the source of this story, simply reporting news that fell into the public domain and their lap when "Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary said abuse of authority for sexual gain was now the "most serious" form of corruption facing police in England and Wales". They ignored the many kids who sat on the laps of their "talents" after all.

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Jesus, I made the mistake of opening the link. Is that how "news" is reported these days? Fuck me. It's not worse than the sexual abuse itself obviously, but it is a form of abuse in itself. What a disgusting rag.


Anyway, Tims = paedos. Probably the Catholic links. Or something.

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All these nonces LOOK like nonces, unsurprisingly, since they are nonces.


Which goes back to the definition - what does a nonce look like?


That's a difficult one but one's instinct can usually tell. And yet the politically-correct education chiefs ignore instinct to the extent that they almost deny it exists. Yesterday, either Scotland or the UK were reported to be falling down the global education achievement ladder, unsurprisingly, with Singapore being top, unsurprisingly.


Wherever kids are, nonces will gravitate thereto. When I was 10 and 11, we had a nonce in charge of our fitba team. I despised him from day one but he never tried it on with me. He sat at the back of the bus with us on our way to an away game once and tried to take the piss out of me in front of my mates, knowing full well that he would never have got in my punts. He was an unsuccessful nonce. I remember that act alone was counterproductive for him as we all thought he was a dick. We knew he was weird - he never had a wife and looking at the cunt he never was going to - but he was a "nonce in waiting", always looking for opportunities that never came.


David Emery his name was. Total freak.

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Another one with Celtic on his CV


Police in Northern Ireland have charged a former Celtic Football Club youth coach with sexual activity with a child.

Jim McCafferty, who previously lived in Glasgow and joined Celtic in 1990, now lives in Belfast.

He is due to appear at Belfast Magistrates Court on Thursday.

He was arrested on Tuesday after presenting himself at a police station in Belfast. He was arrested over offences committed in Northern Ireland.

Mr McCafferty initially worked for Celtic as a scout, later becoming one of the club's kit men and working with the youth team.

For several years Mr McCafferty worked for other Scottish clubs including Falkirk and Hibs, before moving to Northern Ireland about seven years ago.

He is not believed to have worked in football in Northern Ireland in any official capacity.

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