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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

RDU open for Celtic

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My Dilemma is being caught between paying for Setanta Sports and never getting another game to watch. Or an expensive evening out in Perth!!! :-\



After what setanta did to us??



Get tae Perth,watch some fitba, down a few dirty beers, get kicked out of a titty bar and go walkabout. Safe option.

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You can get BT Sport on the Sky platform although I tried to find the cost online and I had no luck. Can't be arsed phoning Sky to ask.


£12/month apparently.


It also works differently to ESPN in that the subcription is per sky box not per property.  So If you've got multiroom then you can only get BT sport on 1 box without having to pay for 2 subcriptions.


If they're charging £12/month to watch they could have at least used that money to switch the lights on in the studio, was shockingly dark after the Bayern/Man City game!


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BT Sports looks to be decent and the free subsription for broadband customers looks to be attracting a lot of people, not often you get someone like that for free. Noticed it only worked downstairs, so I'm still screwed when Eastenders and fitba is on, the Misses isna likely to budge.


Anyway, the Celtic game. Its seems massive even at this stage of the season, really good chance to open up a gap on them. I think the crowd could play as massive role in this, I think everyone will be up for it. Hopefully Hayes, McGinn, Pawlett etc. go at them like yesterday/last week.

Anyone know how much tickets have been sold?? Just phoned and got told the SS has just spaces left in X and Y and not a lot by the sounds of it.


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