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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

ūüĒī‚ö™ÔłŹ Come on you Reds!¬†‚ö™ÔłŹūüĒī

The League Table

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To me this years SPL has a bit of the Highland League about it (which I find one on the most competitive leagues around) Pretty much any team can beat any other team on their day, a few wins can push a team well up the league and the leaders can/have changed weekly. In the SHFL teams down to 14th are competitive, Turra have beat the top two teams and are in the 4th rd of the Scottish Cup. Similarly, teams at the bottom of the SPL have beat the leaders and are in cup semis etc.

It may not be the most exciting league in terms of skill and entertainment but every game has importance. Look at the games coming up, theres 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th this midweek with 2 pts between the four teams and Celtic have three tough games too. ICT vs Hibs will be interesting too next Sat, especially if Celtic slip up in any of their two games by 3pm on Sat. Best SPL in a long long time


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