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Saints v Dons - GAME OFF

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Nae thread yet  :o


Bit of trouble with St Johnstone's pitch recently, but hopefully the game isn't in any danger of being off. They've been not too bad recently so it'll no doubt be a tricky game, but I reckon we'll just sneak it.


In/oot: In

Pre-match: Train, possibly a pint in the centre of Perth

Match: Nae sure yet

Post-match: Train home

Prediction: 0-1 the Dons

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For me tomorrow is a massive game for Craig Brown, a win or even a good performance will give the fans belief that it wasn't just a honeymoon period we experienced before the run of games against the tic, it was actually the beginning of the times changing A loss and a poor performance will have the sceptics out that we're just as bad as we were pre Christmas.


Come on Craigy boy, I for one believe you have already turned things round and we will now going to places like Perth and win well.

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s1dnk, too right.


But I'll settle for a "worthy" draw, in a game we would have lost pre Brown.


A "battling" win would be even better, a "win well"; I'm not sure we're there yet, the new players still have some settling in to do and 3 games in a row v timmy, plus a cup game Dunfy would have maybe even expected to win, let alone draw is not settling in territory.

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