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Thought it was a shocking lunge, regardless of getting the ball it was shocking and should have been a free kick and a booking atleast.


I agree - and the Ref didn't initially allow the physio on despite Folly being in obvious agony.



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Awful news. Big opportunity for Jack though. I reckon it wouldn't be sensible to sign a new midfielder for the sake of it though as we've already got Hartley, Young & Jack, with Fyvie & Folly to come back in the close season and Robertson & Grimmer in the youth ranks. If there's a really good midfielder who can maybe also cover some of the wide roles too then yes but otherwise I reckon we shouldn't splash the cash when we need wide players & defenders.

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Fair tackle? i thought it at the time that he won the ball but it was a shocker and had no doubt at the time folly was fucked. Fairly threw himself through follow and got more of him than the ball.


Havnt seen it again since but just my impression at the time

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Dundee United ace Paul Dixon left gutted by Yoann Folly crock shock


Jan 3 2011 By Euan McLean


BIG-HEARTED Paul Dixon made a hospital dash to say sorry to crocked Aberdeen star Yoann Folly on Saturday night.


The Dundee United midfielder was gutted to see the Dons man stretchered off with a broken ankle after they clashed in a 50-50 tackle during the draw at Pittodrie.


Dixon hammered on the home dressing-room door immediately after the game to ask how Folly was and when Dons boss Craig Brown told him he'd gone to hospital the Arabs man had one thing on his mind.


He said: "I wasn't planning on taking the team bus back to Dundee because I was due to stay with family in Aberdeen.


"But when I came out my dad and grandad were waiting for me and I told them there was a change of plan and they should take me straight to the hospital.


"When I arrived at accident and emergency I saw an Aberdeen official and asked if I could go in to see Yoann. He was just coming out of X-ray and was on a drip so understandably he wasn't saying too much.


"But I said what I had to say and he seemed to accept my apology. I didn't get a sense of any animosity towards me.


"Even though it was an accident and a fair tackle I still felt it was only right I should go there to apologise to him.


"I'll be in contact with him again further down the line to see how he is doing with his recovery.


"There has to be respect between professionals and I would expect the same concern from another player if it happened to me."


Dixon's commendable gesture is a welcome show of decency in a turbulent season that has seen Scottish football's reputation dragged through the gutter.


But the way Dixon sees it he has done nothing more than recognise a fellow pro's pain - and knows all too well the disappointment that comes with lengthy injuries.


He said: "Last season I missed the Scottish Cup Final because I had broken my metatarsal in the semis. It was hard to miss out on such a big occasion, even though the boss did everything to keep me involved as much as possible.


"I know how it feels to be out injured so I'm disappointed for Yoann that he's not likely to play again this season.


"Last year I had a knee injury, a problem with both ankles that kept me out for six weeks each then that broken foot ended my season.


"So I'm sorry this happened to Yoann and I can only wish him the best for his recovery."


Meanwhile, Dundee United boss Peter Houston revealed he's been nagging Dixon for being too nice on the pitch and knew his player would be gutted for Folly.


Houston said: "People know Paul doesn't make malicious tackles - in fact if anything I'm regularly telling him off for being too nice and a little too soft in the tackle.


"This was a strong challenge but it was fair and Paul was sorry to see what came from it.


"Craig told me Paul had been straight into the home dressing room to ask how Yoann was. But that wasn't enough for Paul if he felt the need to go up to the hospital. and see the player himself."


Meanwhile, Arabs defender Sean Dillon is desperately hoping the club can hang on to top scorer David Goodwillie during this month's transfer window.


Goodwillie showed exactly why he's hot property with an last-gasp equaliser at Aberdeen for his 10th goal this term.


Irish defender Dillon fears it's inevitable the striker - out of contract at the end of the season - will move if a bigger club comes in with the right offer.


He said: "It's not what the fans want to hear but if the club thinks it is right that's football. It happens at every club outwith a few. If a good offer comes in it's likely to be taken. "That was the way the club was sold to me. If you do well it can open up opportunities for you elsewhere.


"If they do well they tend not to be here for too long."

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