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Victor Chandler:

Billy Stark      5/2 Add to betslip

Craig Brown    5/2 Add to betslip

John Hughes    9/2 Add to betslip

John McGlynn    7/1 Add to betslip

Jocky Scott    8/1 Add to betslip

John Collins    10/1 Add to betslip

Jim Magilton    10/1 Add to betslip

Derek McInnes    10/1 Add to betslip

Derek Adams    10/1 Add to betslip

Archie Knox    10/1 Add to betslip

Gordon Strachan    10/1 Add to betslip

Steven Pressley    10/1 Add to betslip

Eoin Jess    10/1 Add to betslip

Mike Newell    10/1 Add to betslip

Terry Butcher    12/1 Add to betslip

Eric Black    12/1 Add to betslip

Steve Nicol    12/1 Add to betslip

Gus McPherson    14/1 Add to betslip

Neale Cooper    14/1 Add to betslip

Billy Reid    14/1 Add to betslip

Lawrie Sanchez    16/1 Add to betslip

Michael O'Neill    16/1 Add to betslip

Jim Gannon    16/1 Add to betslip

Pat Fenlon    16/1 Add to betslip

Alti Edvaldsson    20/1 Add to betslip

Gary McAllister    20/1

Bobby Williamson    20/1

Paul Hartley    20/1

Roy Aitken    20/1

Steve Clarke    20/1

Bruce Rioch    20/1

Csaba Laszlo    20/1

Mark Venus    25/1

Stuart McCall    25/1

Ian McParland    25/1

Billy Dodds    25/1

Phil Brown    25/1

Jim Leighton    28/1

Jimmy Calderwood    33/1

Dean Windass    33/1

Noel Whelan    33/1 



Good to see Paddy Power have a sense of humour (check the last candidate)

Next Permanent Aberdeen Manager  Hide

Billy Stark    9/4


John Collins    10/1


Steve Clarke    20/1

John Hughes    11/2


Gus MacPherson    12/1


Csaba Laszlo    20/1

Craig Brown    7/1


Billy Reid    12/1


Michael O'Neill    25/1

Terry Butcher    8/1


Archie Knox    14/1


Roy Aitken    25/1

John McGlynn    8/1


Gary McAllister    16/1


Ray Wilkins    33/1

Gordon Strachan    8/1


Paul Hartley    16/1


Jimmy Calderwood    33/1

Jocky Scott    8/1


Stuart Baxter    16/1


Jim Leighton    50/1

Derek Adams    10/1


Bruce Rioch    20/1


Alex Ferguson    250/1

Derek McInnes    10/1


Eoin Jess    20/1


Ian Durrant    250/1


Willie Hills:

Next Permanent Aberdeen Manager - All Markets

Add to My Favourites

Bet until : 05 Dec 10 -22:00

My Markets (0) All Markets (1)

Next Permanent Aberdeen Manager


Billy Stark



Mike Newell


John Hughes



Neil Simpson


Gordon Strachan



Neil Cooper (Current Coach)


Paul Hartley



Terry Butcher


Neale Cooper (Peterhead)



John McGlynn


John Collins



Gus McPherson


Derek McInnes



Jimmy Calderwood


Jimmy Nicholl



Steve Clarke


Stuart Baxter



Gordon Chisholm


Craig Brewster



Darren Ferguson


Eric Black



Henrik Larsson


Ian McCall



Derek Adams


John Hartson



Bruce Rioch


Duncan Shearer



Hans Gillhaus


Paul Sheerin



Roy Aitken


Alex Miller



Billy Dodds


Mixu Paatelainen



Hills don't have a price (unless i've missed it) for Jocky Scott, may be worth a phonecall to see what we can get on that...


Strange how Hills have Newell at 3/1....

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I think it's almost a certainty that they will be praying that the 'interim' team they have cobbled together will start getting results and they won't have to go out and find another victim to be churned in the Pittodrie mill. My money would go on that outcome.

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Guest leith_red

Let it be Mike Newell.


A manager that should do a good job and I'd make some money too ...........


Would be an interesting appointment, but one that I wouldn't be adverse to.  Probably prefer it to be with someone who has some knowledge of the Scottish game, though.

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McGhee took on th whole Hibs defence, twice, then scored a great goal.


THAT'S how I want to remember him.


so remember him like that, whats done is done.  I think its pointless to resent him for how things have gone, its not like he came in with the aim of totally fucking it up.

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so remember him like that, whats done is done.  I think its pointless to resent him for how things have gone, its not like he came in with the aim of totally fucking it up.


aye, he was a truly great player for us, some of the vitriol towards him was really, really sad to see. I think we all wanted him gone but some of the stuff was just way ott.

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Like topcorner has ever known anything about anything, if brown does turn us down it will have fuck all to do with this clowns insider info.


In short.... Fuck off topcorner!




Aye Im nae convinced by this twat either now as he thought he was sitting next to Aiden McGeady on his flight.........

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