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Will we see an improved attitude from our players now?

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For me, Langfield and Aluko were good under Calderwood.


Anyway, new manager, they'll all need to impress as they are playing for their careers.


i can give you at least 15 occasions where he was utter ding under JC, i have no idea why people are thinking he was good under calderwood - he has been our second worst keeper ever just beating Nicky Walker

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I think we will see an initial improvement in attitude as nearly always seems to be the case when a new manager comes in.


Whether the new guy can sustain a good level of performance will be the real test. I hope he can.

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yes - provided the new man takes the right approach to bring people on side.


A new Manager in any business can't come in a be a tough guy or a pushover from the outset - a fine balance - something that many managers find difficult and there's a steep learning curve taking a step up in the size of the role e.g. coming to a "big club" like Aberdeen.


One thing with McGhee was that he couldn't even seem to make his own signings perform - never mind the "jimmy's dross" talk.


Hopefully the new guy can make McGhee's dross perform.


But Ifil - there's nae hope (wage would be better spent)


I think the rest of the season is transition. I've written it off for him ::)

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