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Attendance v Celtic

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What does everyone think the attendance will be?  A 12 o'clock kick off on a cold winters day with snow still deep across the shire and add to that the shiteness and the pumping a few weeks back? I thought they may have tried to drop the prices but no, full price. I wouldn't be surprised at a sub 10k even with the vermin bringing a large support.

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I reckon on a big crowd if/when the game is played if McGhee is still in charge. Lots of people will be there to see the first ever 10-0 game in SPL history




Hartley & Vernon get 3 each bebo chips in wi a couple and maybe Aluko and Velicka get 1 each




p.s i think they'll be between 9500/10000 in attendance....


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Fae the EE


Aberdeen FC to decide if game goes ahead


Published: 01/12/2010


ABERDEEN FC will decide tomorrow if Saturday’s SPL meeting with Celtic can go ahead.


The entire SPL programme is in danger of being wiped out by heavy snow.


With more snow forecast, it looks unlikely that the Pittodrie clash will go ahead.


Aberdeen FC have promised to make an early decision to save fans of both clubs making wasted plans to travel through to Aberdeen.



Read more: http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/Article.aspx/2034033#ixzz16reG6mti

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Mulgrew warns Celtic: ‘Beware of Aberdeen FC backlash’

Mulgrew’s warning to Celtic team-mates


Published: 01/12/2010


CHARLIE Mulgrew today warned Celtic to be wary of suffering a backlash at the hands of his old club Aberdeen FC this weekend.


The Hoops travel to Pittodrie on Saturday for their Scottish Premier League clash.


The last meeting between the two sides ended in a famous 9-0 win for Celtic with Aberdeen FC suffering their biggest-ever defeat.


Charlie Mulgrew said: “All it takes is just one result to turn things around.


“I spoke to some of the lads at Pittodrie, who said that they have been working hard to try and get out of this rut. They are hurting."

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