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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

What do you want to see for the rest of the season


What would you like MM to do  

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  1. 1. What would you like MM to do

    • Try and get as many points as possible with the current team
    • Drop the players leaving and give youth players experience

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Frost out those who are leaving now. Those that have been made offers but haven't signed are told to do so in the next week or they join the other non-commited players in the doghouse.


New formations are tried out, new captains are given a run out to see how they cope and just for a laugh Mackie gets a chance at being Paul Scholes in midfield.



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Guest ally s


Option one for me. All very well putting in young lads but they've got to be good enough and earn the right to play for the 1st team.

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Given that we're "safe" - barring Nellie the Dons perfect storm happening, I think McGhee should be picking what he thinks is his best team.


If there's no pressure on the team, then hopefully, we'll get to see signs of growth for the future. If, however, what we've watched all season is the best that the team can do - then we're fucked.

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SPL money does not matter to Aberdeen FC

Players should play for pride, says McGhee


By Sean Wallace


Published: 29/04/2010


ABERDEEN FC would land an extra £160,000 cash windfall if they can finish the season in seventh place.


The SPL today confirmed the difference between each league position in the bottom six will be £80,000.


On current league standings, Aberdeen FC are set to secure £960,000 from the SPL for ninth place.


But if they were to leap-frog Hamilton, who they face on Saturday – and St Johnstone, that figure would increase to £1,120,000.


Suggest that finishing as high up the table as possible is the priority!

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