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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

St Johnstone away 16-3-2010


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This will be our teams first game in ten days after the much heralded draw against struggling Hamilton. Where will their heads be?


Positive- Breaking the losing streak, still a chance to catch hearts for top 6 and nice an rested?


Indifferent- Long weekend off to spend with the wag, no fans at the game to turn up for and relegation not oncoming?


Negative- The fans hate us, the manager doesn't rate us and we're struggling?


I'm not too sure what the coaching team have been doing but hopefully they have been working on how to provide decent ball (in fact any kind of supply) to the forwards and work out a corner routine which actually ends up with us having a go at goal.


Strikerwise, I think it may be time for MacLean to be dropped and put Mackie and Paton up front. Maclean seems ineffective against teams sitting in against us, and thats what we can expect from St Johnstone on Tuesday - and the rest of the season playing bottom 6 teams if we end up there. Even though our defense is shaky it has a better record than United this season but up front only Killie, Falkirk and Hamilton have scored less. Goals win games and entertains the fans, and drawing the fans back is what we need.

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I actually think St. Johnstone may go out and attack rather than sit in. They did that at Pittodrie earlier in the season and what little I've seen of them this season they have been prepared to go forward and attack teams. Probably a good thing for Aberdeen.


Making my way up for this one and for the first time in a while am confident of coming out of it with three points.

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I actually think St. Johnstone may go out and attack rather than sit in.


Famous last words but I quite fancy our chances, mainly for the reasons above.  I don't think they will sit in and try and hit us on the break.


Hopefully the team and management have sorted themselves out during the extended break.

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I'm going. Though almost reconsidered when I looked at the price, no student discount makes this quite pricey for a match against St Johnstone.


Haven't been to an Aberdeen game for weeks though so decided I may as well.

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What are they saying rdu? Other than its a disgrace. I can't get radio scotland down here.


Had a debate on whats wrong. Fella commented that he thought McGhee was wrong to criticise fans, the fan numbers are dwindling, the fans are losing interest, days of paying big fees are out the window, bring in youth, no quality, where do we go from here.


McGhee says Saints 'slightly deserved' their win, finances are dictating him, English clubs can pay far more, still believes he is the man for the job, apart from Leicester he has had degrees of success at every club he has been at and that he will work overtime as he has done since he got here to bring in new players.


Sounds like he was feeling the pressure.

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Jusr back from that, with the recurring feeling of despondency without surprise. That for me is as insipid as I've seen us all season and it could well be my last viewing of the fucking circus this season.


The players' lack of fight/drive/enthusiasim/decency has been clear for some time now, but coupled with the lack of imagination going forward and organisation in defence is soul-destroying. We've all seen plenty shite over the last 15 years or so but most of those teams had at least one redeeming feature. I'm struggling to think of any such quality in this shower.


Whether the board back McGhee or the playing squad during the summer remains to be seen, but I doubt we'll see any improvement. If lack of funds means that players of Ifil or Grassi's standard are the best we can afford then prepare for 5,000 crowds next season, and for the foreseeable future. The fact is not one of the players we have sold in the last few years has been adequately replaced, leaving us with a squad full of journeymen and kids and a manager who can't get them to defend a corner, string a couple of passes together or beat average SPL dross.


Hopefully this run of form is a mere blip in what will be a successful transition and full recovery to the upper reaches of the table, however its looking more and more likely that the previous five years of consistently high finishes will be viewed as the anomoly in years to come.



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That was bad, that was really really bad.


That was the first league game I've been too since the draw at Easter Road and I can't understand how Aberdeen played that terribly in the second half, it seemed to be a group of players who almost didn't care, and whenever they tried to do anything it simply didn't work.


I generally have a really positive outlook on Aberdeen but that was nothing other than just bad. I think the first half was one of the worst halves of football I've ever seen Aberdeen play. Some small bits of good play in the second half, mainly involving Paton or Fyvie. St Johnstone were terrible as well, constantly making mistakes, playing bad football, not making much in attack unless it came from a long ball, but their players just looked like they cared about the game.


We were terrible.


Highlight of the night was the drummer on the right in the fourth row of the pipe band.

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