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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Davie Robb wants to help the Dons for free


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Robb: I’ll work for nothing  in an effort to improve Dons Pittodrie LEGEND DAVIE SAYS PLAYERS  ARE LACKING PRIDE AND A WILL TO WIN          By          Alex Martin

    Published:22/12/2009Former Scotland and Aberdeen midfielder Davie Robb isdismayed by what he has seen at Pittodrie this season and is offeringto work for the club for free to improve performances.

The 62-year-old, now living in retirement at Banchory,watches his club home and away and believes a link between the club'splayers and supporters needs to be made.

Robb, who made five appearances for Scotland in 1971,is critical of the management structure at his former club whichincludes chief executive Duncan Fraser and director of football WillieMiller. He believes there is a malaise which must be cured.

Robb, who scored the extra-time winner for the Dons inthe 1976 League Cup final win against Celtic, said: “We all know thereis no money in Scottish football and Aberdeen are no different, but Iworry about what I see from the current crop of players.

“It is impossible to judge Mark McGhee as the teammanager. He has only been in the job for two minutes and has not beenable to make his mark on the squad but what I have seen this seasongives me a good deal of cause for concern.

“Footballers are very well paid to do a job most peoplecan only dream about but I wonder about the lack of affinity betweenthe players and the people who are paying their wages.

“I am not seeing enough. I want to see a pride and awill to win from the 11 players on the pitch on a Saturday. I do notthink we are getting that."

Robb, who began his career with Chelsea before signingfor Dons manager Eddie Turnbull in 1965, is willing to help in any wayhe can and will do it for free.

He said: “I love the club, and maybe sometimes a fresh set of eyes or a different opinion can do some good.

“I am worried about what I am seeing. I pay my money atthe gate to watch Aberdeen play home and away and I would like to thinkI can spot what is going right and wrong with the club. At the veryleast the Dons should be in the top four of the SPL every season. Butthat should only be a starting point."

Robb, known as The Brush by supporters, was renownedfor his workrate and determination throughout a playing career whichwas curtailed by injury after spells with Tampa Bay Rowdies and NorwichCity. He wants to use the attributes which served him well as a playerto motivate the squad.

Robb said: “I do sometimes wonder if the players realise how fortunate they are.

“I worked in the oil industry when I finished playing and then had a spell as a hotelier, and I know which job I preferred.

“I want the players to know how much they mean topeople in the city and what it means to pull the shirt on. There is ahard core of supporters throughout the north-east who are not happywith what they are getting just now.

“I am not looking to step on anyone's toes but I wouldlike to help Mark McGhee in any way I can. There needs to be investmentin the team and I would be happy to work in that direction as well ifit was needed."

A spokesman for the Dons said: “Aberdeen Football Clubappreciates the support of all its former players. There are a sizeablenumber of former players currently involved on match days, with theyouth academy and in the management of the club.

“AFC would welcome any ideas from former players whichwould help towards its continuing commitment to build stronger linkswith its supporters and we do, of course, work extremely closely withthe AFC Former Players Association which is headed by Duncan Davidson.â€


Bits in bold I believe are huge problems with our club.

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Maybeit's a case of he WANTS to pay his way......Davie Robb never cameacross as a prima-donna type who'd be looking for a free ride.


One of my earliest Dons heroes


I remember bumping into Keith Wyness outside the Main Stand before a midweek cup game, just after he'd gone to Everton, in the queue to pay at the gate, asked him if he couldn't have got in for free, and he said it was his club, and he'd never rip it off by accepting free tickets.


Felt good knowing I was using a free ticket right then  :-\


Absolutely. We lose and it ruins my week. Just ask my missus.


Will do mate  ;)

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Wyness was a decent enough man. He was full of utopian ideas, like getting Huns and Dons fans to sit together - never gonna work unless yer name is Alan "HugAHun" Duncan.


But he was a decent enough man. I had a couple of wee chats with him back in 2001-2, and he certainly gained my respect for being a good, light-hearted man who enjoyed watching the Dons and enjoyed his wines.


Was it Wyness who stood with the Red Army at Ibrox? Or was that Bennett?

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