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Thursday 14th December 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

Aberdeen v Eintracht Frankfurt

Stand Free!

Aberdeen v ICT

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Just in.

A terrible game, not helped by Caley turning up and showing no ambition whatsoever.

Aside from a 20 minute period in the second half, we struggled to do much.  We did actually create about 4 or 5 very good chances but we couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.

Good header from McDonald from the goal.


No real stand out performances from me.

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Rather forgetful game.


Created a few decent chances, but infront of goal we looked woeful.


Lee Mair had an absolute nightmare, as did Young.


Aluko looked good in the first half but faded.


Maguire was ok, but finishing was bad, bad!


Mulgrews ball for the goal was brillliant.


Smith seems to have lost all his pace.


MOTM: McDonald cause he scored, and didn't do much wrong

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I thought Foster was one of our better players today!  :o


As did I!  :o


Caley played for a point.


First half was terrible with very little action going on. First 20 minutes in the second half was far better and could have scored 3. Went dull again before McDonald popped up.


Aluko played well. Cracker of a ball from Mulgrew and a good header from McDonald. Didn't think Miller did much but Bebo played alright. McDonald played average I thought, with Smith having an absolute mare for most of the afternoon. Mair and Severin was an unconvincing back two and Langfield, even though not having to do much, did everything right.

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I thought Foster was one of our better players today!  :o


Me too! He played well. Mulgrew and Aluko were the two who got mentions from my brother in law.


We were unlucky not to score in the first half I thought as we had a couple of very good chances which just managed to creep past the post. I didn't think much of Caley's "tactics" to be honest, not much of an attempt to play football. But, 3 points is 3 points and I'll take that any day. :thumbsup:

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Just another day at the AFC office. Rather uninspiring stuff but three points nonetheless.


I would say that we didn't look as hopeless as we have in recent games.


Langfield was solid at the back, and Caley didn't do much to give the defence any real problems throughout the game. Severin at CB was the right choice for this game given the cicrumstances and whilst not outstanding he marshalled well. Foster looked resourceful and passed well, the midfield look rather lighweight and we missed Kerr and Diamond big time today.


Aluko was busy, but didn't pose any real threat. I was very disappiointed by Jamie Smith today. It looked like he had lost all ability to even pass the ball to a team mate! Lee had a quiet game, but held the ball well and Maguire didn't have much to work with. I though the game had 0-0 written all over it!



Glad to see McDonald on the scoresheet, particularly as I had a fiver on him to score at 16-1. 3pts well deserved.  :thumbsup:

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Not a bad goal, and was it maguire? was quite unlucky with his effort on the bar. Miller's header in the first half was decent as well, save to match it! At least it looked like we created a wee bit anyway. I hope that we get some confidence from this, and ensure we don't lose 4th place.

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Yeah Maguire's shot was off the bar.


Surprised they only showed the one chance in the first half as there was a second header which flashed across the goal and Young also had a chance.


I thought I read that earlier today. I was also unsurprised that the Hunday Mail didn't report anything about the Ultras display. Cunts.

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Guest ally s


I thought we played quite well, Caley never looked like scoring.  It seemed to me it was a case of when we score as opposed to will we score. We created a fair number of decent chances and passed the ball about very well at times.


Special mention to Foster who I thought had an outstanding game, long may it continue

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