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Realistically over this season it should have been possible to be a lot closer than we are. I suppose thats fitba though. I don't think we're too many years away from another "New firm" era though. Maybe in the next few seasons we might see that one special* youngster come through along with a couple more consistent performers that might make the difference.


*Jess special, not special needs, Ricky Foster, special ;D.

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Is it too late to start a charge for 2nd?


Celtic far from convincing in recent weeks may drop more points yet.


We have what should not be a difficult run in to the split culminating in Celtic who we know we can beat - and have probably more chance of beating that teams like Hamilton.


Then after the split, if we finish top six we'll play the old firm twice again (with our usual season end victory over the huns).


Is it too late to think we could get 2nd place?


Or will we close to gap to within a few points and regret missed opportunities against shite teams like Inverness at the beginning of the season.


Or will Celtic and the Huns get it together and hit form again.


WOuld we even want to finish second - or would you rather we just got into the uefa cup and had a great chance of getting at least to the group stages. Would we get more money for a Chumps League qualifier than group stages of uefa cup?


Is 2nd place all a pipe-dream? (I've nae been drinking today  :P )


I believe you haven't been drinking but, really, you really should give up those other mind altering substances as well.

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