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Sunday 3rd December 2023, kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Hibernian v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Tales from the Dressing Room...

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Lee Miller


Players always talk about the importance of team spirit, of the banter in the dressing room, in good times and in bad.


But what creates a good dressing room, and why is ours so special at the moment?


RedMatchday asked Lee Miller to lift the lid on it all in an exclusive interview........


I would have to say the spirit is the best in dressing room since I have been here. Obviously there are guys you miss such as Soapy (Derek Soutar) but there are some great characters in there at the moment, the likes of Charlie, Kerso, Duff. Everyone has their own input and everyone gets involved with the games and pranks that go on. We all get along. I don’t think you can say there is anyone in the team that does not get along with someone. It is a very good mix.


That spirit is important because you take that onto the park. I’m not saying other teams don’t have it but because we are so close, we are working together as a unit and fighting hard for each other. And it goes beyond the senior pros. I used to like it when I was a young boy if one of the pros came in and got a bit of banter with you. It made you feel part of the whole team, the whole squad kind of thing and not just the youth team and I used to get a buzz off it. I have never forgotten that so I make sure I go into the youth team dressing room and get them involved and make them feel part of the team. Because we are a team. It is not just about the starting eleven, it is about the youth players, the U19s, the reserve players, we are all Aberdeen.


You want to know what they’re really like? Here goes...


Jamie Langfield


Bad gear! Well actually it is not so much bad gear, it’s just Clangers is paranoid about his clothes being bad. He is always the first to try and slaughter everyone else’s gear, like a deflector shield, so no one has a go at him! He is a right good goalkeeper though and a good lad. He also looks a bit like the guy in Ghost but it is a very touchy subject so we won’t mention that.... ‘Get off my train!’


Charlie Mulgrew


One of the funniest guys I have ever met. Unconsciously funny. He has settled in very well, has a great left foot as we saw again last week. He says himself that he needs to work on his defending but going forward he is something else, everyone can see that from the goals he has scored this season and from the amount of goals he has set up, for me included. Charlie gives another dimension to our play.


Richard Foster


There is only one thing you can say about Fozzy – ‘Google’. He is a fountain of knowledge. He is a smart boy. Too smart to be a footballer. He is always having a go at us weegies for not speaking proper English. If you ever make a grammatical mistake, Fozzy will pick up on it. A great guy and a very underrated player. He does an important role for the team getting asked to play in lots of different positions. The players all appreciate the job he does.


Gary Mcdonald


Gaz is quiet but one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Down to earth, laid back. Has no worries about anything. A very good footballing brain. He had a hard task to try and fill Barry Nic’s boots but he is doing that really well now, getting in the box and scoring goals from midfield. He is coming on to his game and we are learning how to play with him, so he has gelled into the team very well now.


Zander Diamond


Do I need to say anything about Zander?! The big man is comical. A great lad, such a unique character, as anyone who knows Zander will tell you. He is always involved in the banter and the pranks. Zander is always in there. He has come onto a really good game as he showed last week, popping up with two goals as well. You saw how much it meant to him as well. Always gives his all for the team.


Scott Severin


The Skipper. Sevy leads by example. Quiet but when the old campaigner speaks, we all listen. Everyone has enormous respect for him which is important for a captain. I am also not going to say too much as unlike the others he has the opportunity to retaliate in his programme column!!


Jamie Smith




I’m joking! We all feel so sorry for Jamie with the injuries he has had, he is such a talent. I remember playing against him when he was at Celtic and he was one of their best players. Great finisher, great feet. He will know himself when he is fully fit and hopefully for the team it will be soon as he gives us another major attacking option. He will be back and will remind everyone how good he is. Knowing the wee man he will score the winning goal in the Scottish Cup final! He has some horrendous gear but that is not surprising as he has to shop in the kiddies section.


Mark Kerr


My best mate. I have been at a few clubs with Kerso. (Mainly night clubs – ed). What you see is what you get with him. His patter is brilliant. He is sharp – on the ball and off the ball. He has too much energy. Far too much energy! We need to try and calm him down a bit. He reads the game so well, Mark is very clued up and he has a very good footballing brain. He has been in outstanding form in the past few months and plays a vital role in the team.


Darren Mackie


Mr Aberdeen. Daz has been here for at least ten years. He just always pops up with goals, and some very important ones in those ten years. Deceptively quick, good in the air and has two good feet as well. He can play in any position and wherever he plays he will do a good job. He would play in goals if the manager asked him! Always involved in the pranks and always seems to get the blame even if he is nowhere near the scene!


Tommy Wright


It is difficult going to a new club and getting injured straight away. You don’t feel part of it. Hopefully he is close to regaining full fitness and we will see him back in action very soon. Big Tommy will give us other attacking options which will be important during the run in as injuries and suspensions affect most teams at that time.


Derek Young


Good sense of humour. Anyways slaughtering the other boys’ gear. His gear is normally ok apart from the Chinese shirt he wore recently on a night out. Very underrated, I could not believe he did not have a club before joining us. The manager knew the ability he had and gave him a chance and Dezzy has justified his decision with his performances. He was one of our best players at the start of the season but injury has kept him out recently. Last season he was amazing and came up with some important goals.


Stuart Duff


I have known Duffer for a few years as well. Funny funny guy. He does not take himself seriously at all which is good because he is going bald and he is only a year older than me. He looks about 35. It was great to see him getting on the score sheet last week after being out because of the operation. It was not just the goal though, he played so well. Everyone at the club was so pleased for him because he is a very likeable character.


Jeffrey de Visscher


What a talent. He is one of the most technically gifted players at the club. Likes to play football on the deck. A good passer of the ball, good pace. He has a very witty sense of humour, a comical guy. I love his Dutch/Aberdeen accent as well which makes him even funnier.


Lee Mair


One of my travelling buddies, along with Gary. I knew Mairso from when I was at Falkirk, he came there on loan. Great footballing brain. One of the best defenders we have at the club. Puts his body in front of anything. He has been unfortunate the way the team selections have worked out and with Zander and Severin doing really well together. If you put him in though he will run through a brick wall for you as was evident when he came on against Killie the other week, throwing his head at everything. He can play the ball as well and has two good feet.


Chris Maguire


Young Chris is some boy. He recently crashed his car the same day as Ronaldo did. It sums him up. If there is a star out there doing something on the park or off it, Chris is copying him! He stands up for himself well which he has to, being one of the youngest. Chris is never wrong though! One of the games we play in the dressing room is two touch. Whoever loses gets flicks on the ear. Whatever happens, Chris is always debating it! It is never ever his fault!! He has such high potential and hopefully he will start to fulfil it shortly. He obviously needs a chance in the team to do it though.


Bertrand Bossu


Big Bert sits a couple of pegs up from me. Such a likable guy, he is always trying to better himself. If you ever ask for a goalkeeper for extra shooting he is always the first to put his hand up. He will go in goals and does not mind balls being leathered at him. Such a great attitude to the game. He has just been unfortunate Jamie has been in such good form. He gets a bit of criticism about his gear but he takes it in good jest to be fair. His gear must cost him a fortune because of his size. Think that is why he only has a few selective tracksuits.


Andrew Considine


The quiet assassin! His attitude though is unbelievable. If he is not in the dressing room you know you can find him in the gym. I have never met anyone like him, a young boy so devoted to making himself better. He has so much potential. The best is still to come from Andy. He will be a big player for Aberdeen in the years to come.


Sone Aluko


He is some player. Fast, great left foot, can read the game so well, skill in abundance. He is a trier with his gear – only Sone could pull it off. Although he is a fans favourite and the press have bigged him up a bit, he is still such a down to earth boy. There is still so much more to come from Sone. I don’t think he is even half way to his reaching his full ability. Some of the things he does in training are frightening

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Scott Severin


The Skipper. Sevy leads by example. Quiet but when the old campaigner speaks, we all listen. Everyone has enormous respect for him which is important for a captain.




Derek Young


Good sense of humour. Anyways slaughtering the other boys’ gear. His gear is normally ok apart from the Chinese shirt he wore recently on a night out.




You couldn't make it up...

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LOL @ the Chinese shirt.


Richard Foster


There is only one thing you can say about Fozzy – ‘Google’. He is a fountain of knowledge. He is a smart boy. Too smart to be a footballer.


In other words, he's not cut out to be a footballer and should find another vocation in life.

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