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Speed increase?


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I'm nae one of the folk who is having issues with my speed on the site. But can anyone who was previously having issues please let me know if there is any improvement now? I've been doing a wee bit of tweaking on the site, and believe I might've stumbled across something that may have been slowing several users down ... especially users who are behind multiple firewalls.


If you were previously having speed-related issues, can you please let us know here if the site is a bit faster now ... or indeed if there's no change whatsoever!

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It appears that the site wa configured to slow down access if you were browsing through a network that was behind multiple firewalls. Very rarely are home users behind more than one firewall, but offices are quite often behind both hardware AND software firewalls. As such, a lot of people found browsing the site from work a very slow and laborious task. I've since disabled the bit of coding that was affected by these firewalls, and it appears to have paid dividends.

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Uni internet access has been on the blink the last couple of days with power cuts cause servers to go down etc. so not been able to check the speed.  I assume it's probably flying though.

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