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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. I wonder if "Sorry son, we're not going to offer a contract because you are too small" is actually the club's official way of letting youth players down gently and what they actually mean is "you're shite".
  2. http://soccer-stats.football365.com/dom/SCO/teams/Aberdeen.html
  3. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Now I'm completely lost.
  4. I bet you £1000 we won't end up six points adrift after these two games. In fact, make it a round million pounds.
  5. I'm sure it's a 100% verified fact. I wonder what "JC has two games to save his job" actually means though? I mean, what does it actually mean? Actually? Is a win and a loss enough to be sacked? Is a draw and a loss enough to be sacked? If we get beaten 1-0 in both games despite outplaying the opposition twice, is that enough to be sacked? Or if we win both games despite playing dreadfully, is that enough to be sacked? What about beating Falkirk 1-0 then losing 4-0 to Hearts? Is that enough? How about beating Hearts 10-0 but losing 10-0 to Falkirk? Is that a sackable offence? What a load of shite.
  6. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :beers: :beers: :beers: :ultras: :ultras:
  7. No. The question is 'Do you still enjoy the football?' 'No' means that I do not still enjoy the football. The 'still' in the question implies that this also means that I have enjoyed the football at some point though,which renders 'Not as much as I used to' a bit redundant. I.e. they mean the same thing. Unless 'No' means 'I have never enjoyed the football', in which case 'the football' needs clarified. What football? Calderwood's? Aberdeen's? All football ever? And I voted 'Yes', because I still enjoy the football. But I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.
  8. What's the difference between 'no' and 'not as much as I used to'?
  9. Everyone's got one leg longer than the other. It just affects some people's spine, hips, muscles, tendons etc more than others.
  10. I think Daily Mail readers have the worst views.
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