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  1. He once tipped Aberdeen to win the league. Was when Deila was Celtic boss. Not sure if it was a pre-season prediction or during the season, but he was giving it large that Aberdeen would win it.
  2. Alan Nixon (journalist) reporting Hoban has signed a short-term deal until January.
  3. No Defoe for Rangers and potentially no Morelos. And even if Morelos does play he's been struggling for fitness over pre-season and only played an hour yesterday. Could be Greg Stewart up front for them.
  4. Today was apparently our last pre-season friendly. So with seven days to go, what's everyone's predictions for how this season will go? I think we'll be third, but hopefully not miles off the top two. I think back to the 1997/98 season when 10-in-a-row was the pre-season talk, and Hearts managed to get themselves in about it. They trailed off by the end but at least made a fist of it and won a cup. Would like to think Aberdeen could at least do the same - but don't for a minute think we have enough in us to actually win the thing. The empty stadiums might be a leveller though - and we're at Parkhead early on. By default we should be stronger. We've only really lost Greg Leigh, and Jonny Hayes is an upgrade. McKenna or Cosgrove leaving could change things I suppose. So many players last season were not fully fit - Ojo, Bryson, McGeouch. Kennedy took a while to settle. Hernandez obviously too. All of them this season should be in better shape. It's a bit of a cliche but Bryson and Hernandez are essentially new signings considering how little they played last season. Anderson too in a way. I also have a funny feeling we might finally see off our Celtic Hampden hoodoo and take them in the semi. Europe - no idea, luck of the draw. But yeh, I'm optimistic. Too optimistic probably. Hibs to be fourth. Can't see Motherwell being as strong this season. Ross County and St Mirren could be surprises. I actually think Dundee United could be in relegation trouble.
  5. Firstly, loving the new look forum. Much easier to use on a mobile. Draw with Hibs - having to base everything on a mini-report on the Aberdeen website. I suppose from Derek McInnes' point of view he's using the lockout to keep Rangers guessing as much as possible as to his tactics (unless clubs are still allowed to send scouts to games). Noticed Hayes, Kennedy, McGinn, Anderson, Bryson, Ojo and Ferguson were all on the pitch at the same time. Makes you wonder who played where - did Hayes play left-back, overlapping Kennedy? Did he play left-wing with Kennedy through the middle? Who was the more advanced midfielder out of Bryson and Ferguson? Like I say, keeps Steven Gerrard guessing ahead of next week, so as frustrating as it is fair fucks if we spring a surprise next Saturday. Does Anderson start v Rangers? He's played far more pre-season games than Cosgrove. Huge decision as Cosgrove is a sort of talisman, but by the looks of it Anderson has had a good pre-season. Hoban - glad he got a run-out and I'd like to see us take a risk on him, even a pay as you play deal. Devlin not fit and Hoban a better player than Taylor. Bryson - will judge him when I see him play but commented he was looking trim the other day and now has a goal too. Positive signs. Shite - I'm starting to get optimistic about this season.
  6. One of the things that hasn't been reported from the Russian report - that Putin has been trying to influence whether Derek McInnes stays on as Aberdeen manager or not.
  7. Rocket, one day me and you are going to be best mates. I can already feel a bromance beginning.
  8. As for the St Johnstone defeat, appears it was a penalty (conceded by Ash Taylor) and a free-kick that did the damage. Bruce Anderson scored with a volley.
  9. Leaving aside the fact that pretty much your entire post was wrong and that you're batshit mental - I'm genuinely interested in how someone backing McInnes would make them a "fraud"?
  10. I didn't say he was going to have a great season, I simply noted what you yourself have written in bold and wished him well.
  11. At the risk of being accused of being a Milne apologist, in the latest training photos Craig Bryson appears to have lost a ton of weight during the lockdown. Really hoping we see something from him this season.
  12. If someone posted they think the strip is not bad, you'd reply with a rant about McInnes, Milne and the club being in decline.
  13. As for the thread title - when are we next playing a pre-season friendly? According to McInnes we are playing twice a week but have heard nothing since the Ross County draw, which itself was cloaked in secrecy with no match report or even line-ups.
  14. Thanks, appreciate that. You've kind of made my point for me. We probably got everything out of Shinnie we were going to get out of him. He did the job he was supposed to do. He was a very good captain for us, and undoubtedly took us up a level when he signed. On occasion when he did play left back, he rarely reached the same levels and we always missed him in midfield. There were occasions where he was absolutely outstanding in the middle and his lack of Scotland call-ups were a disgrace. Yes he picked up a lot of bookings, but if we're comparing him to Ryan Jack - his disciplinary record, especially at Rangers, hasn't been too great either. Jack is the one player you could argue had his career negatively affected by McInnes, in that he was played too defensive when he was more of an attacking player. Shinnie and Jack were both played as defensive midfielders and Shinnie was better at it than Jack. Whether that makes Shinnie a better player than Jack is more of a debate.
  15. I rated Ryan Jack at Aberdeen and wasn't one of his boo boys. But, when they were both at Aberdeen, Shinnie performances in midfield were well above Jack's. Also, the first bit in bold, Shinnie has a Scottish Cup winners medal.
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