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  1. This, this is really nice. Opportunity missed imo (if it ever happens): https://www.dezeen.com/2020/12/24/stade-de-la-tuiliere-stadium-lausanne-mlzd-sollberger-bogli/?fbclid=IwAR3pjOGqmNK_NE6vLpTFCtsynAp0NGzdmQHkPNFQPijjtlNZaZhil415Hxg
  2. Lots of chatter about a potential fall out over finances. Personally I think it's probably putting 2+2 and getting 5 but it would be interesting timing. I mean, if we were to lose him, i'd rather he walk out the door than be pushed. Saves the club money and keeps his dignity in tact. That said, not sure I'd want him to go halfway through the jan window?
  3. Didn't the Scottish govt say that Dubai quarantine rules didn't apply so surely in theory that would mean all those who went abroad should be isolating for two weeks? It's a question as i'm not sure what backward rules the UK are using. The authorities (footballing and government) shouldn't have allowed the tims to go, but they're now protecting them. They should have forced them to field an u-17 team or whatever.
  4. Can't believe the authorities refused Hibs' request at getting everyone of the tattie munchers tested ahead of the game. Embarrassing.
  5. In form team playing one that isn’t. Think that’s 8 on the bounce for livi now (10 games unbeaten) Which is impressive and they deserve praise for it. lots of negativity around the club (rightly so) but given we’ve been told no one is coming in, the team are gonna have to get us out of this funk. Hopefully find a way, but with main and Cosgrove it’s not likely. out bed online if available, I’ll be up anyway work 2-2. Ferguson double
  6. So did we play well then prior to the sending off? Edmundson (useless piece of shite) has returned to leeds
  7. Whilst I agree that the majority of those philistines wouldn’t know the meaning of the word coup, it was exactly that. Or at least attempted and instigated by satsuma features. Had they been a more intelligent group of people, they may have been successful. It summarised my current thoughts of the US nicely. Embarrassing. the way they treated the AP photographer? He’s lucky to be alive. I hope every single one of them gets arrested and dealt with the prison system. Not holding my breath though. Edit: Footage of the organised terrorist branch of these cunts:
  8. Don’t think we can afford not to play him tbh
  9. Our strike "force" is shite, we really needed to try and address some of this during this window. Granted we're third at the mo, but that's not guaranteed come seasons end
  10. Will be thoroughly disappointed if Wright leaves and as you say, Rico, amazed they left it until the last year of the contract. Thought we’d moved on from this shite. Much to Jute’s joy, Greg Leigh has signed on until the end of the season
  11. You couldn't make it up. There were police actually posing for selfies with the terrorists once the were inside
  12. Absolute scenes, it's hilarious, but we shouldn't be surprised that some yanks are so fucking thick.
  13. Ball - As you say, did a job, albeit wasn't going to take us to the next level, which is what we required at the time Leigh - Did Ok first time round, not so much now Taylor - Doing a job at the moment, but again, I'd argue that he's not the calibre of player we need to progress McGinn - Success, but now feels like we need to change his game to play to his strengths Hayes - Success Stewart - Failure Christie - Definitely a success. Was shite for a good period, but i'll put that down to uncertainty Wilson - Failure Hoban - Success (so far) I think they'd forgotten abou
  14. Great player on his day but doesn’t do it anywhere near enough imo (mainly against hibs). I think the wright point is a big one, he has a chance to develop properly and I think GMS coming back would stop that. Just strikes as being unimaginative as per from DM. Think I read somewhere he’s brought eight players back? Must be some sort of record.
  15. Highly rated youngster signs on with the dons until 2024: https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/01/05/highly-rated-youngster-commits-future-to-the-dons/?fbclid=IwAR21N1D0B-d1Kp2YkB2NCeQzv4JkY8ew9GCLvIO4i67kTN1_xsW846o5QEQ
  16. Seen another Hun today, they really are coming out of the woodwork
  17. Also seen rumours of GMS re-signing...would absolutely stink of a DM signing. Thought he’d have pissed off enough folk the way he effectively downed tools when he decided he was off to fail in the MLS?
  18. Would assume someone is away then?
  19. Haha, sorry. Wanted to avoid the inevitable abuse from you for forgetting I was reminded by seeing some prickish elderly couple driving with a Bearz license plate yesterday definitely the most common football team license plate you see here. I am glad this is on during the middle of the night here. Good excuse not to watch it.
  20. St Mirren rumoured to have secured his signature anyway
  21. Death to 2020, light hearted and a good watch. Fuck me that was a fucked up year.
  22. Huns seem to seriously have the rub of the green at the moment. League is all but wrapped up, which is hilarious as I can just imagine the Scottish press won't be saying it is. Not looking forward to it, as we're not creating enough and obviously combine that with their luck, it's not going to go our way. DM being obsessed with them means I fully expect him to talk the opposition up over the next few days. Out Bed Bed Bed 2-0 huns, no dons scorer
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