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  1. We're in 4th place. A few good results we'll be back up into third. We should never have sacked McInnes. Fans expectations are far too high. We should be happy with what you've got. Today is a perfect example. Sacking the manager hasn't helped anything.
  2. What an odd statement. I don't think losing a parent at a young age equates to having extra spirit/passion.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_coefficient
  4. Andrew


  5. Will it be possible to pause red TV international for the cup final and play it again a few hours later? I'm working half an hour before the game so I'm planning on watching little bits during the day when I have time.
  6. I was up there in January as I spent a weekend in Ohakune where my friend was woofing but have never skied there. Ohakune is a nice town. A lot of places were closed for the summer but went to a good burger place in the town called the Blind Flinch. I'm unfortunately no longer a resident of New Zealand as my visa ran out. En route to whistler via Nepal. Spent a month trekking to everest base camp and annapurna base camp. Been brilliant - especially when you head off of the main trails and it gets a lot quieter.
  7. Whereabouts are you snowboarding? If you're going to Coronet look out for 'Andrew' on the lifts.
  8. Is it possible to stream red TV international to your phone?
  9. If we can win today and celtic lose on Sunday I think the league title is a possibility. I just have a feeling celtic will crumble. Mark my words.
  10. I don't understand how it could be anyone but Putin? If Putin wanted them dead there is a lot more discreet ways to kill people than nerve agent that is made in Russia. The reason it was carried out in the way it was(just like the plutonium in the tea to kill Litvinenko) is to create as much international disarray and chaos as possible. It's the same in Ukraine. Putin doesn't want the pro Russian rebels to win he'd rather Ukraine is kept in a perpetual state of war. He longs for the anarchic days after the fall of the Soviet Union when Russia was a mob state. Russia is a kleptocratic state
  11. The English are absolutely obsessed with putting down Scottish football. They often seemed to be offended when I mention that I've no interest in the English game and only follow scottish football. It's this same arrogance that has taken us out of the EU.
  12. Putting £50 on a 10/1 shot on a reality tv show? Why? Unless you hate money this seems very stupid.
  13. Which club in league one has a higher wage budget than us?
  14. Surley at 25 you're no longer considered young! Been posting on here for almost ten years now.
  15. What an absolute cunt you are. A real horrible nasty cunt at that.
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