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    This match will be shown live on BBC One Scotland at 2.30pm
  2. until
    Scottish Cup Fourth Round - live on Premier Sports.
  3. The live Q&A with Dave Cormack will take place tomorrow night (Wednesday 31 March) between 6 and 7pm. You'll be able to watch the live broadcast here:
  4. Matchday Live Chat! is back in time for our Scottish Cup campaign and the league run-in. You can take part in the chat room on match days here: http://www.donstalk.co.uk/forum/19-matchday-live-chat/ or here from the main forum homepage: You will be logged into chat automatically when you click on the link. Just a reminder than when posting a message in Matchday Live Chat, press return on your keyboard or on the on-screen keyboard on your mobile or tablet screen for your message to be posted.
  5. With five league matches to go until the end of the 2020/21 season, it's time to vote for your 2020/21 Aberdeen FC Player of the Season. The poll below is open until 1am on Sunday 16 May 2021. You can change your vote up until then, but you will only have one vote.
  6. until
    Scottish Premiership Live on Sky Sports
  7. until
    Scottish Premiership
  8. until
    Scottish Premiership
  9. until
    Scottish Premiership
  10. until
    Scottish Premiership
  11. until
    Live on BBC One Scotland
  12. Just an update on this. It's never simple! It is legal to embed the content, as the content is not hosted by the site. The owner of the copyright material has the option to prevent embedding of content when uploading their content to YouTube - so it is the responsibility of the content owner to ensure that any restrictions they wish to place on their content, that they do that. Ideally if you wish to post content from YouTube, that you only provide the link / URL to the content. and provide the original author and resource location credit, e.g SPFL via YouTube It is against c
  13. We had a wee issue with the registration process for DonsTalk, which is now fixed. So if you have tried registering for a new account, or didn't receive your registration validation email - try registering again and you will get an email to validate your account. If your validation email doesn't appear, please check your spam mailbox, in case it went in there.
  14. until
    Scottish Premiership
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