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The world according to TRUTH, not western lies

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This was written five days ago by one of my favourite human beings.

If you're not interested in truth and justice, if you believe what the BBC, the press and the politicians tell us, then look away now.

The U.S. Imperial project is dying. Our only hope was true independence of the madness perpetrated by Cameron, Blair et al. True independence from Europe and the complicit NATO was required. The land of the free is killing humanity itself and we, Scots, as part of the UK, as part of Europe are vicariously guilty by association.

I hope some of you are motivated to read this commentator. This is one of hundreds of excellent perspectives he offers: -

Gullible Americans Forever

Paul Craig Roberts

“Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” — Mark Twain

Listening to NPR news today I was reminded how throughly this once independent voice has sold out.

I was also reminded of the Mark Twain quote above. NPR reported that Syrians were lined up in Turkey waiting on passage on inflatable rafts to Greece. According to the NPR report, there are 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey and 250,000 Syrians have been killed. NPR said nothing about the cause of this murder and displacement of vast numbers of people. It was if the plight of these people materialized out of thin air. The fact that Washington sicced ISIS, al Qaeda, Turkey, the US and NATO Air Forces, and Washington’s Middle Eastern vassals on Syria was not mentioned. The view on NPR is the same as Washington’s — that if only Assad would resign and hand Syria over to Washington, everything would be fine.

Americans don’t go to bed every night unable to sleep from shame from the atrocities that the US government has inflicted on Syria. And on Iraq. And Libya. And Afghanistan. And Pakistan. And Yemen. And Somalia. And Ukraine. And Serbia. According to the prostitute media, all of these human catastrophes are the work of dark forces that America must combat. It is all a clever orchestration of public emotion in favor of the military/security complex’s bank balance.

The corruption of public discourse in America, indeed throughout the West, is total. There are no reliable reports, not from public or private institutions. The economic reports are propaganda to keep alive the image of a successful America. The reports about Russia, Ukraine, and Muslims are propaganda designed to inculcate fear in the gullible, fear that ensures more power and profit for Washington and the military/security complex.

Americans have proven themselves to be the easiest sheep ever to be shorn.

The gullibility of Americans threatens the world with armageddon.

I knew you were a cunt but fuck me. Why don't you live in Russia? You could become a prisoner like Oleg Sentsov. You can preach with your comrades about the awfulness of anything but the "natural family", you can chat about how bad the liberal west is, etc. Only fucking idiots think life is anywhere better than western europe or northern America. Stop speaking shite and get a grip.

Edit: I am sure your next post will be a strawman argument about how the west is not good but it is by a far stretch the best we have atm and people need to start realising that.

Jeez. Never expected that. Where do I start?

At the beginning maybe?

What do you mean I'm a cunt? That's an easy one for you surely?

I offer perspective from a highly regarded man, who served in the Reagan administration in a very senior role, a fascinating and intelligent man in his 70's (I think, at least, maybe near or in his 80's), a highly informed commentator who is hugely active and you turn on me for offering you an alternative view of the world?

That's a bit fucked up is it no?

What didn't you understand?

Maybe his rhetoric re being older to be wiser applies in your case? Are you an infant? Perhaps a sheep? Are you one of the gullible arseholes who reads tabloids and accepts the press and politician's views of things?

Would you at least attempt to resemble a human being capable of critical thought by taking only ONE point to disagree with? Is that too much to ask? Can you at least try to show that "democratic" debate is not beyond you? Is it not within "our values" that Obama and Cameron go on about that freedom of speech is a given?

EDIT: That's maybe too much for you to concentrate on. I'll try again...

You've read the OP. Take just ONE POINT from it and offer comment.

Intelligent comment this time. You don't want people to get the wrong impression.

How about this for a cracker...

The wife just told me that Sky News said that they'd conducted a Sky poll to find that 51% of people would support air strikes in Syria.

It's not just an insult to our intelligence. They don't just think that we're stupid. They know that we are. Rupert Murdoch has built an empire based on our stupidity. It's the same corrupt "empire" that diverts billions of our money into illegal wars, banks, pharmas etc.

Their lies are so brazen.

I could probably conduct a poll and find 0% of people support the of.

Statistics, sample groups etc.


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