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Scottish Premiership:

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Stupid, pointless, infighting


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8 hours ago, Madbadteacher said:

Get rid of the (you know exactly who) “new” members carrying on their infantile, petty, pathetic, tit-for-tat that is clogging up the pages of this site.

MBT, I've been indisposed pretty much since Friday afternoon dealing with a family issue.

Other moderators have taken appropriate action as you may or may not by now be aware of.

This site will not be allowed to degenerate into The Hat version 2

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If you think having to ignore posts was hard for you MBT, can you imagine what it was like having to waste time and energy responding and dealing with them? It was something that you (and everybody else who can read) had identified and indeed you (and others) highlighted and posted about within a week of it starting. It got ignored - or at least no action was taken - for four weeks. It could have, and should have in my opinion been nipped in the bud with a time investment of less than 30 seconds but that's ok, everybody makes mistakes.

I've since been encouraged to stop posting on this forum by the man in charge so this subject of discussion and this thread is the only one available to me now, before I depart (or get the apology I think I'm due from a more sensible human being).

BigAl, did you think banning me from the forum was "appropriate action"? If I had known that he was in charge I wouldn't have commented on the cheap shit beach houses, I wouldn't have questioned why he broke the Canadian's nose (he didn't want to explain himself anyway) and I would have pretended that I liked Australians.

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8 minutes ago, royal deeside cowie said:

Good to have you back, brother.

It's because of you three that I got banned here and why after a long absence and a transfer offer I couldn't refuse, I'm back on the hat. We should continue our confrontation over there. It upsets too many sensitive types on here. I'm only waiting for an explanation and/or apology. 

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18 minutes ago, royal deeside cowie said:

Always going to be here for you, brother. I can't watch you on the hat though. Its embarrassing. Also, I saw you betrayed tup with your request to see his meltdown for your own amusement. You backed his corner for so long and then you do that. Speaks volumes. 

This thread isn't for you to continue your sickness. Communication between us on here has now ceased (again). You twisted that too. My care factor was less than a thousandth per cent, as I expressly wrote and I doubt that it was a "meltdown" in any case, just what you ants and little people would want to believe because unlike you, he gets noticed. Goodbye mutant.

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