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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

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  1. You need all the friends you can right now, brother. You're out in the cold. After Rocket abandoned you you're out in the cold. Stuck in a goldfish bowl with the Sultans looking in waiting for you to slip up. Rocket is out of control now. A racist, homophobic mutant. The worst of the worst. I need him to come back to you as he is dragging everyone down. You belong together.
  2. Tuppington brother, just a wee bit of advice. When someone asks you a question its a basic courtesy to answer. You weren't dragged up, pal. Just something to keep in mind.
  3. Where did you watch the game, brother? I almost made the journey up but wasn't sure if the Mountain Dew were showing the game.
  4. Why can't they disclose the fee? I suspect this is a case of smoke and mirrors. Something doesn't ring true.
  5. Not everything's a conspiracy, my jacobite friend ? You don't half work yourself into a frenzy about these things. Who can forget your conspiracy theories about the handwringers. The Sultans are keeping a close eye on you to make sure you keep to your best behaviour.
  6. I'll be in Wick on business first week of October, Tupsworth brother. Would get you a pint but I know that the demon drink brings out the worst in you. I'll get Morag to fix you up a bacon butty.
  7. It certainly wouldn't be a bottom feeder like yourself that would have any influence over such proceedings. You were little more than Rocket's puppet before he turned his back on you.
  8. You do get it in the UK. We've had Netflix here for many years, brother. As for the programme, it isn't shedding any new light on any first world ideology the common man isn't privvy to. In lehmans terms, everyone knows Google are monitoring our searches.
  9. Has he gone yet. Take the money and run. I was telling my mistress last night how we should have cashed in a couple of years ago when his stock was high. He is a bog standard SPL central defender who isn't going to improve any further. I'd bite their hand off for £2m at this point.
  10. You turned your back on tup when you flitted sites. Tup, take him back. He's making a massve cunt of things in his new adopted home. He's just another mutant in the melting pot.
  11. I'm keeping a close eye on proceedings, dear brother and it has come to my attention that Parklife is giving you a run for your money. He's getting good value from you. I've got the popcorn out.
  12. Always going to be here for you, brother. I can't watch you on the hat though. Its embarrassing. Also, I saw you betrayed tup with your request to see his meltdown for your own amusement. You backed his corner for so long and then you do that. Speaks volumes.
  13. Cosgrove is a carthorse as is McKenna. Laughable to think the pair of them were once valued at 2m. The sooner they leave the club the better.
  14. Perhaps a few screenshots of your meltdown will let your new friends see who you truly are behind the facade. the toxic aggression that exists within you, brother. The traffic is off the scale here now, the proper gents watching Tup trying to be the nice guy and the naive here falling for it.
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