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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

What does

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I remember a Dunfermline supporting colleague of mine warning me when Calderwood took over that Caldwerwood has certain players that he'll play no matter what - basically he has his favourites and to be prepared to go on losing and winning runs and prepare for bafflement and inconsistency.


Well, fk me...at the time I remember thinking pinch of salt and stupidfuckinbitterparsfan but now...uglyfuckinknowitallwhosupportsashiteteamthatIhopewesignnofurtherfuckinplayersfromwhilstCalderwoodisstillmanager...



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ok - so who here can tell me what Lovell did on the training ground this week?




No someone must know why he is so deserving of a game?




I don't - I wasn't there... I also don't know whether he has the stamina to play 10 minutes of football - never mind a whole game... but I wasn't on the training ground either.

I know I'm feeling ill after Munich so maybe Steve "Great White Hope" Lovell is too?


Only one of our strikers to score in the last 3 games?

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did we not lose those games though, when he was played?  ::)

[edit 1 - I don't even know if I'm joking with this statement - had some young fanny arguing with me about this in munich

edit 2 - I probably am joking]


Ach - I just dinnae think he's the answer - but it would be boring if we all thought the same.


I'm a bit worried we dinnae have a half decent youth striker coming through though... how come Killie can manufacture decent strikers to punt and we can't?




Er..I think it may have something to do with calderwoods dismantling of our yoof system or summink!

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Why do people keep saying "Lovell is not the answer"? Not the answer to what?


Nobody thinks he's going to come in and score a barrell load every game while amazingly helping the inept defence to keep the ball out of our goal. The point is surely that he's done enough to be given a start - or rather Mackie and Miller have not done enough to keep their places. The fact Maguire gets on ahead of him and he has no threat about his play at all beggars belief.

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His last couple of starts (which were a while ago now!) he has looked lacklustre and uninterested.  However, he should start on Wednesday.


He was fantastic in the Falkirk replay, and the few starts he had before that, he ended up as a lone striker in a target man role where he still managed to create what would have been 2 goals against Utd.


To me, he always looks too eager to score if anything as he knows if he doesn't score within 45 minutes, he'll be hooked and won't get a game for another 2 months as is what usually happens.

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Good point.  Another example of the tango man not sorting his side out. Not only are our defence not gelling, but he hasn't given our forwards a chance to develop anything like a partnership.  It must be more than a bitty soul destroying knowing you are yet again the only player up front with shadows to chase and little time to make an impact and assert yourself.

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He was fantastic in the Falkirk replay


And in the original 2-2 draw as well, as you alluded to, he was excellent.


Comes on and scores against Bayern and is left benched for the entire game yet again at Killie where the favoured strikers are


Lee "1 goal in 12 games" Miller

Darren "no goals since Dnipro" Mackie

Chris "no goals since December 2006" Maguire


And here's me thinking that football is a simple game about scoring goals.  Where have I been going wrong all this time?

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