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So, It's only the glorious 12th August and already two very dubious refereeing decisions have stopped two certain teams dropping 2 points each.


Now, as we know, this will be seen by the powers that be as fair and balanced.


I'm going to ask someone to attach the two clips to this thread to get us started then hopefully we can build up some sort of record as the season progresses.


Of course each individual incident will be subject to claims such as " the referree was unsighted" or " there was contact"

but put together it should be fairly damning.


Blatant penalties shouldn't be added, the criteria for entry should be the question



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Honestly, I didn't think either of them were horrendous decisions. The hun one I thought was a penalty all day long first time I saw it. On second viewing, the guy made an absolute meal of it. Seeing the tim one now, it's a definite penalty. However, it wasn't exactly a blatant one. It's nae like he nailed him, just an accidental trip.


I think the Tim one was incorrect, but not a bad decision and the hun one was correct but the guy made it look much worse than it was.

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I accept some will be obvious cheating but most will be arguable in some way, that's why I started this thread.


The question you need to ask is WOULD IT HAVE BEEN GIVEN AT THE OTHER END?



They'll mount up over the season (two already)


It doesn't even have to lead to a goal ( or should have led to a goal) it's often the "play on" scenario that saps the energy.

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Of course they should.


Christ min,it's not a legal document.


Blatant penalties that were given correctly shouldn't be added



Is that better?




Personally I would include blatant yellow/ red cards not given in a Tim v Hun match.


This is usually described as sensible refereeing but again adds up when the Hun then play Ross County with a full team while the Ross County center half is suspended.



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Twas always thus.


As a young loon I remember being up Merkland Road and a fair way down King Street before the winner / equaliser was scored at Parkhead.


Those were the days when heaps of folk used to dive on the open end of the bus to get a hurl up Merkland Road.

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