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SeeBass and ?????

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something smells fishy.




And in other news..


"AFC have taken out a restraining order to one of their own fans who has been stalking a number of Aberdeen players.

A Mr Seabass denied the allegations from up an oak tree and said it was just coincidental timing."












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Try Photobucket. I think it's the image hosting site you're using that's stopping it from directly linking.




  Dont try photobucket now,theyre trying to charge for their services,and removing your photos if you dont cough up.try flickr instead https://www.flickr.com/ or image shack



  Speaking of photos,my avatar disappeared because of photobucket and have since tried to upload the same photo via flickr. Have also tried with tinypic.All I'm getting is the frame without the picture(<<<see left).anyone know what I'm doing wrong? When i type in the url in the "specify your own avatar by URL" box in the forum profile thing it doesnt appear,but does when I type it on this page  :dunno:  http:// 30120z7.jpg 

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