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You would have to be light on your loafers if you said no to that! I get the feeling I'd be a bit o a two pump tony  :gonk:


:laughing:  Hinna heard at een fur years.


Next week, I will be attending Salts Mill which houses a lot of the work of David Hockney, who was light on his loafers.


He's one of the best artists on the planet.


On topic, I would walk the length of Union Street to pump her. And I hope to be more effective than Gervaise in doing so.


Oh go on then, the length of Union Street and the length of King Street. Wouldn't walk to Peterheid or the Broch though. Actually, I would, just to boast to you cunts about it.


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Nae really a WYOWYN is it? More a how many times in a row do you reckon you'd manage? Or a HMTIARWYM if you like...


That'll be a yes from me then and i reckon i might even manage a third time in a row if she was willing to do some dirty work to make the old boy stand to attention again.  ;)

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