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PDC World Darts

Angus Young

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C'mon DD take it you've never been to a night at a major darts tournament  ???

The darts is almost an irrelevance. Being in the crowd, getting pissed and having a sing sing with your mates.

Try to do the Premier League night in Glasgow each year when it comes around.

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Personally I think it would be a good laugh. Always enjoyed playing and watching darts, drinking there would be a lot of fun!


They say that we will never know until we try.


Although given the research we could do in advance, it shouldn't be too difficult to assess.


People. Lots of them. Drink. Noisy. Darts enthusiasts. There's a fivefold fatal blow right there.

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I love the darts, but I also play in a league so it's a bit easier to get into it when you know just how hard a game it is.

I've never been to an event but one thing I have noticed is you never really see much in the way of security at these things. For the loud, ladish piss up it is I find that quite impressive.

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That was a really good final BigAl, thought Wright was a bit fatigued after the semi against Anderson but those last couple of sets were just phenomenal. Showed a bit of class with his reaction afterwards as well, seemed genuinely gutted for his opponent.  Nice to see a bit of proper sportsmanship compared to those diving, cheating jessies we see on the fitba pitch. :clap: 

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Was initally slightly disappointed with the final last night, although Smith throwing 180s in seven consecutive legs was outstanding.

Totally agree about Wright looking fatigued and at 5-4 down in sets and 2-0 down in set 10 it all looked like it could conclude in Smith's favour without any great excitment but suddenly Wright found another level from nowhere and his standard of darts from thereon in just completely blew Smith away.

Also agree with your comments about the sportmanship displayed.

A true champion 

Oh and Smith will be a world champion sooner rather than later.

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Looks like my last line was spot on.

What a  unbelievable final that was the other night.

The standard of darts, particularly by Michael Smith was frankly off the scale.

If you haven't seen THAT leg, then Google it and watch.

MVG throwing first and misses double twelve for a nine darter, only for Smith to manage to do what MVG failed to do. Have never seen a leg of darts where both players had a dart at nine dart leg and possibly never will again. 

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Tremendous BigAl. Delighted for Smith  because if he had lost that one he was sure to be branded as a loser forever in some quarters. I’m sure Van Gerwen did not think he could possibly lose by playing that standard of darts but Smith was just brilliant. A few new stars born in that tournament as well, Josh Rock looks one to watch and the big German was excellent too.

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