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Tuesday Press Conference

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Press conference called for Tuesday:


Aberdeen have called a Tuesday media conference amid growing speculation concerning the future of manager Jimmy Calderwood and several key players.

Like many of his first team regulars, Calderwood is out of contract at the end of the season.


Calderwood has been discussing a new deal, while a Monday deadline was set for a quartet of players.


Zander Diamond, Michael Hart, Chris Clark and Barry Nicholson are all considering contract extensions.


The players are free to negotiate with other clubs and director of football Willie Miller told BBC Sport that Aberdeen had made the best offers possible.


He also revealed that Plymouth boss Paul Sturrock had made an enquiry about one of the four but had not tabled an offer.


Calderwood's future has been under scrutiny for some time.


"Nothing is certain," Calderwood told the P&J. "My own contract situation is no nearer to being resolved and we are not that far down the road.


"The situation is I am waiting for the club to get back to me.


"But it is wrong for people to jump to a conclusion where negotiations with the players and the club, and my own talks about a new contract, are linked."


The club aim to keep Calderwood at the helm and managing director Duncan Fraser said: "If Jimmy is on the verge of quitting I've not been made aware of it.


"An offer is on the table and it is now a case of whether the manager will accept it or not."


Meanwhile, Aberdeen will this week give a trial to out-of-favour De Graafschap defender Dave Bus.


And former Charlton Athletic centre-half Jonathan Kurrant has left the club after only six months by mutual consent.

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I heard from a friend who ken's Jimmy's wife's, pal who she goes to the bingo with that its to announce that Jimmy is indeed leaving.................. to become Scotland manager. Just put fifty notes on it at the bookies. :thumbsup:


Ach well thats Clark sorted for an international call up then ;)

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Now, press conferences don't usually get called for bad news do they?


As a result i would imagine it's going to go something like this:


"Now, there's good news and bad news.  The good news is we're knocking 10 pence of the price of a meal deal.  The bad news is that we're losing our manager, two of our best defenders and our best midfielder."




"The bad news is that Nicholson, Diamond and Hart will not be renewing their contracts.  The good news is that Chris Clark won't be either." :wave:


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Hold on.Ive jut invisaged a dream scenario about this press conference....


It is to announce that stewart milne would like to apologise to the club, its fans and its players for the complete ineptitiude in the way the club has been run and financed since he took on the role as chairman. He now realises that it was in fact too big for him to handle and that to ensure a better return to the big stage for the club he has decided to put his hand into his on fucking pocket to sort this bloody mess out, whilst garanteeing that a youth academy and state of the art complex will be built free of charge by milne costruction as way of recompense.  Once things have been put right he will be standing down as chaiman, selling his shares and fucking off completely.


I wait with baited breath.

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The BBC are now reporting that Hart and Nicholson are definitely away.




Terrible news if thats true, nicholson will be a massive loss, especially since JC probably wont be given enough funds to get a suitable replacement


Its a real shame if this squad breaks up, i get the feeling the team can achieve things in the coming years sadly it looks like that may not happen! :

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what time is the press conference?

and further to that can someone text me the details as I will be and no where near a computer for most of tomorrow.


Having earlier said SELL SELL SELL, I know hope that we keep all 4 (yes even clark) until the end of the season, cause we sure as hell won't get replacements of any quality in before the end of the month.  Give JC (or whoever) till August and we might have a slim chance

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My money is on at least one of JC and Zander staying.  Why announce a press conference to give nothing but news about people leaving?


Also, I couldn't care less about Clark leaving, but what the hell does he think he's playing at?  Aberdeen is going to be as good as it gets for him.

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Guest Shabba Ranks
Also, I couldn't care less about Clark leaving, but what the hell does he think he's playing at?  Aberdeen is going to be as good as it gets for him.


*Theory alert*


What if he's going with JC?

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