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Hello. Greetings. Hiya. How do you do? How's it going?


There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how.


Perhaps I'll just start a pointless thread.


Or give a directionless one a point.


Let me sit on the fence for a while and contemplate the possibilities.


Not like you to be lost for words.

A rant is long overdue from you R.S.

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A rant on Stewrat Milne is a waste of breath. It's an open and shit shut case m'lud.


That bint is phenomenal. She's an excellent example of the dumbed down present day culture.


And the not so present too. There have always been gold diggers. This one takes the biscuit, the cake, the marzipan and the icing. Stunning incompetence at her craft.


I would laugh if she wasn't so tragic and anyway, laffing at a hideously ugly woman isn't gentlemanly.


To think that her "augmentation" was paid for by us speaks volumes as to how dumb, weak or exhausted our medical profession has become.

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