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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

The Huddle


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CALVIN Zola revealed Aberdeen FC might adopt the huddle as their pre-match routine again.


The Dons used the familiar Celtic ritual before their 3-0 win over Partick Thistle on Saturday. It was met by a mixed reaction from the travelling Red Army at Firhill.


But goal-hero Zola admitted it might not be the last time they do it.  He said: “It was our way of showing how much we are willing to fight for one another. “There is a really strong bond in this squad and it showed from the very first minute to the last. “If it helps us get better results then it’s fine.”


Certainly caused a fair bit of a stir in the fans on Saturday and a few arguments.

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ABERDEEN FC manager Derek McInnes was surprised at the reaction to his players doing the huddle against Partick Thistle.

The Dons’ display of unity worked a treat as a youthful side ran out 3-0 winners in an impressive performance against the newly-promoted Jags at Firhill.

However the pre-match ritual, more commonly associated with Celtic, was met by a mixed reaction from the travelling Red Army.

Much of the talk from Dons fans this week has been about whether they should be adopting the huddle.

McInnes said his players will not be using the huddle before every match, but is happy for his players to do it again in the future.

He said: “I am surprised by the small-mindedness and the reaction from some people to the players getting together like that before a game starts.

“It is not something that will be done on a regular basis, but if we feel we need to do it then we will and we won’t be answerable to anybody.

“We are pleased to have won that match, but it has gone now and I don’t think we need to concentrate too much on that.

“We have to focus on Caley Thistle on Saturday now.

“Whether you win, lose or draw I always think you need to focus on the next match.”

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It Was ‘A Bosie’ Not A Huddle


Jamie Langfield has said that he doesn’t understand the fuss about Aberdeen’s pre-match ritual ahead of their 3-0 win against Partick Thistle.


The Dons players came together as a group before kick-off in a manner similar to Celtic’s “huddle” and went on to record a comprehensive win at Firhill.


Langfield said the move was down to the fact that there were inexperienced younger players in the squad who benefitted from the last-minute motivation.


“We had a lot of young players in our team on Saturday and the older boys just thought we would get it right,” he explained. “It was just a spontaneous thing.”


Langfield laughed off the similarity with Celtic’s preparations and called the move ‘a bosie’, the Doric word for a hug or cuddle.


“It’s caused some upset but we don’t like to call it ‘the huddle’, we call it the ‘Aberdeen bosie’, as I’ve seen on Twitter,” he said.  :wave:


“It’s not a huddle, it’s a bosie. We were a young team on Saturday and it’s something the manager and the older boys had discussed to get the young boys up.


“It worked. As the manager said, it won’t happen all the time but sometimes the younger boys need that.”

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