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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Celtic v Aberdeen

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First goal against: Im not convinced Shaughnessy will make it



2nd goal against - Corner, every dons player back - no pressure up front made clear by the position of Vernon.



3rd goal - everyone back and Vernon looking lost



4th goal - free kick in, yet to see it




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Craig Brown blamed himself for his Aberdeen side being unable to hang on for the win.

The 72-year-old former Scotland boss, who revealed during the week he would be standing down at the end of the season and taking a seat on the Dons board as a non-executive director, said: "It is a very painful defeat. You would have to have seen it to believe it.

"At 3-1 you would have thought a draw was a bad result and it would have been, so a defeat was a very bad result.

"I have been involved in many games but I can't recall a game where you lose a goal in 12 seconds and come back to have control of the game and then you capitulate at the end like that.

"I fault myself in that I should have put on a big striker as a defender.

"But I thought if I did that with Rory Fallon, it sends a negative message to the defence, saying 'I don't trust you' and gives encouragement to Celtic.

"With hindsight I know what I should have done."

A distraught Josh Magennis claimed he was "embarrassed" by the defeat after being two goals clear.

"The goals don't matter to me," Magennis said. "It doesn't matter if you score five, if you lose 6-5. I am just embarrassed. I can't believe it.

"It's a dream to be 3-1 up at Parkhead with 15 minutes to go and then you lose to set-pieces, to me it is not acceptable.

"I was asking the referee how long to go and he was saying 20 minutes and then 15 minutes. I was thinking that even if they got one we could hold out for 3-2, but for them to come back and beat us 4-3, I am speechless."


Rory Bambi on ice Fallon in defence?  :o

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think yesterday showed magennis and hughes deserve more credit than they've been getting. we really missed ozzie in midfield though. if we can sign him up and strengthen a bit up front and at the back i'll be confident we can achieve something next season. we really should've had european qualification and a trophy this season. time to consolidate, not panic.

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Surely I cant be the only one who wasn't surprised?



And I've seen us chuck away 2 goal leads at Celtic park before



Genuinely, for some reason I thought scoring 3 goals at the tim dome was sufficient to get at least a draw.  When was the last time scored 3 against the dhims away?

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