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just back from the game

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More than one person said it was like being back in the ebbe era today.

Shocking performance against a side that really didn't need to try that hard.

Gifted them 3 goals yet our support still sung their hearts outs and celebrated the fact that despite being 3-0 down the tims didn't sing,

exactly like the ebbe days


Line up today was as expected.  Seve at the back after the horror of show at tyncastle, and tbh can't argue with it.

Mair on the left of the three despite his shocking display last time out and zander on the right.

Byrne on the left, hart on the right. 

Midfield.....was apparently clark, nicholson and smith with aluko somewhere between them and miller


Quite what JDV has to do to displace clark god only knows.  Yet again clark displayed his complete lack of ability and interest.  He was subbed at half time but unfortunately he only got subbed because he was injured.....which means JC will throw him back in as soon he is fit.


First goal...horrific clearing header from seve

Second goal....clark gives the ball away, mair plays after you and decent finish past langfield

third....seemingly in langfields control only for him to fumble it


JDV and Maguire looked good when they came on but really the game was over by 30mins without much effort from sellick.  We desperately need someone to play at the back with zander as with mair we are essentially playing with 10men.  Equally with clark on the field too we are left with 9men.

Even the blinkered JC must see he is not worth a place...surely

With a defence like this we won't be top6. And JC needs to either identify a CB or settle on a partnership rather than fuck about.

Midfield has long been absent and setting out with barry, jamie and chris is never going to achieve anything.


Jimmy may have aspirations to be the manager of some medium sized English Championship side but he needs to waken up and realise that afc is about as big as he is going to get, and he'll be lucky if he lasts much longer dishing up horror shows like today.  We are better than we showed today but the same old suspects continue to get picked.


At the end of the day (sic) we won't have budgeted for anything today and it is the next few league games between now and the new year that may decide whether we get top 6 and have a chance of europe again.  I don't really rate any of our close challengers and if we play to our potential we will be there or there abouts, however we need to get a grip and answer the questions we've had since russle left in june:

What is our defence

Who is going to boss the midfield


Do we have a strike partnership?


Quite why JC didn't answer any of these questions in pre-season he'll have to answer, hopefully not on his way from pittodrie in the boot of a car


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Having seen the goals, it could be argued that Langfield had a part to play in all of the goals, though the "header" and subsequent statues competition in the defence at the first goal, left him horribly exposed.


Clark I have lost patience with, and my temper yesterday!  ;D He ain't a centre mid, Touzani is. Did anyone see the number of tackles Celtic players put in? Compare that to the number made by our midfield. I think it's somewhere between zero and fuck all.


I agree GS, JDV should be on the teamsheet now as a starter, as should Touzani, especially if Seve is removed to the back 2,3,4,5, whatever we play. Someone prepared to put in a tackle. Clark and Nicholson aren't likely to do that and Nichlolson is completely wasted as a centre mid in any event.


Positives from the game? Well Byrne was very good as was Lee Miller. In fact Miller was excellent.

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I was thinking the exact same thing during the game. I got the impression during the build up that that's what he was thinking. He claims the board needs to match his ambition...well, how about being positive in a game? Doing well with what you've got and shock horror, you might actually get some more money. Patience is running out with him especially since he's not forced to field a team he does due to injuries. It is totally unfair to the players that gave our best performance of the season against Dundee utd and unsurprisingly we've struggled since. Get Touzani in, he's on a two yr contract ffs, JDV clearly has the balls to put decent crosses in and knows how to keep the ball. We have the team to do something more than what we're doing. Jimmy, you are underselling and misusing you're current team. Sort it out.

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Any news on Clark ? With a bit of luck he will be forced out for a few games.


Indeed. He got injured during the game and was shite too, ideal chance to hook him but alas no.


He needs to not be playing for a bit.


Also, after a few minutes Maguire started to look a bit more like the thing on Saturday. Still nothing like a partner for Miller but KEPT the ball.

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