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Merry christmas


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I'm afraid that I can't join the jollification sentiments and "seasonal" best wishes. That would be hypocritical.


Goodwill to all men? But many (most?) men are shit, devoid of integrity or starved of intellect and unworthy of good wishes, those bereft of both integrity and intellect being the most despicable, a dangerous combination.


There is no distinction, whether of class, by office, by region. The politician and the tabloid reader are equally unworthy of goodwill. They are mostly male however.


To all good cunts, whether AFC or not, I wish goodwill, not just today but consistently, all year round. To the rest, the majority - including 11 of every 20 men in Scotland - I hope you die without being loved. And the sooner the better. May you stuff yourselves, over imbibe on the poison that is alcohol and have a cardiac arrest, there being nobody there to call the ambulance that would not have come in time anyway, the skeleton staff having had one too many themselves, particularly since the new law was introduced earlier this month.


Die, fuckers. There's a happy Xmas message to digest.

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