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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

AFC Dream Team

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How do you fancy being part of the AFC programme this season?


The redmatchdaymagazine team are asking supporters to pick their AFC Dream Team. We want you to pick your greatest ever AFC XI and in each programme this season we will include a supporters team.


At the end of the season our expert panel will then pick an official AFC all time Dream Team.


You can pick any player from the Dons illustrious past.


To be included we require the following information:


YOUR NAME (and photo if possible)


FORMATION - (ie 4-4-2)


PLAYERS - 1 to 11 (couple of lines on each player)


SUBSITUTES - 5 names (list 5 players from any position who did not quite make your XI)


MANAGER - 1 name (which former AFC manager will manage your team?)


Email your team to redtv@afc.co.uk


If you want you can include a couple of lines on why you chose the selected players, which players were close to making your team, which formation you are playing etc. You can also pick five substitutes and we would appreciate if you could email in a picture of yourself for inclusion with the article.


width=400 height=373http://www.afc.co.uk/javaImages/64/8e/0,,10284~11046500,00.jpg[/img]


SUBSITUTES - 5 names (list 5 players from any position who did not quite make your XI)


MANAGER - 1 name (which former AFC manager will manage your team?)

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McKimmie Miller McLeish Rougvie

Strachan Bett Simpson Weir

Black McDougall


SUBSTITUTES - Snelders, Mason, McGhee, Gillhaus, Booth




Pretty tough picking only 5 subs.  :hammer:


I'm drunk but I'll go 3-5-2 based on what I've seen plus what I wis telt by my dad.




      McLeish - Miller - Anderson


Varga - Bett - Mason - Grant - Weir


          Gillhaus - Nicholas


Subs - Leighton, Jess, Harper, Simmie & McMaster

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Ok How the hell to include the following


Kennedy, Clark, McMaster, Varga, Graham, Harper, Robb, Scott, Munro, Shewan, Black, Hewitt, Stark, Cooper (Neil), Buchan, Jackson, Cooke, Smith(joe), Jarvie, Winchester, Petersen, Colman, Hermiston, Mills, Leggatt(snr) and McMaster when most will go with the the obvious Gothenburg II.


A lot of you will be too young to remember when we had GREAT players that didn't win shitloads in the 80's but were every bit as good (in some case possibly better).


And SAF or Turnbull? Who actually did the better job with what they had at the time?


Most will pick Peter Weir over Arthur Graham, but I KNOW who was the better winger, by a fair distance! And ther we have the gist of the argument. Mason, or Bett, or Cooper, or Simpson, or Strachan, or Stark, or Connor, or Grant, or Smith, or...........etc


Nae doubt someone will say Mackie was better than Harper and genuinely believe it  ::)


I know this is a bit of fun, but it's bound to be won by "youngsters" who dinna remember the times before JC!



Auld mannie ranting over, good luck to all of you!  ;D

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