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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Oh, Walter, how could you??

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by Paul67



Walter Smith was not named by BBC’s Mark Daly as a recipient of an Employee Benefit Trust in the recent documentary, however, before this matter is put to bed I expect more names to emerge.  As soon as Smith makes himself available to a proper journalist he will be asked:


Did he receive EBT loan payments from Rangers?


If so:


Did he repay those loans or hold his cash while the club ran out of money and died?


Was he in receipt of a letter from Rangers confirming he was not required to repay?


Did his then employers, the Scottish FA, know he was perhaps receiving money from a member club while employed by them?


Are SFA employees contractually inhibited from taking payments from a member club or required to inform the SFA board of any payments received by a member club?


Did his earlier employers, Everton FC, know if he was receiving money from another club while employed by them?


Was Smith contractually inhibited from taking payments from another club or required to inform Everton of any payments received from another club?


As manager of Rangers, was he involved negotiations with players who had EBTs or was he another one who concentrated on administrative and legislative duties?


Was he one of the men SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, suggested failed to reveal side contracts to the Rangers board?


Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, will forensically pour over most of these questions, so Smith’s answers will be verifiable.


No one who played an active part in Rangers EBT scandal will come out of this clean.  The ramifications multiply if Rangers were discretely paying any senior employee of another club.


I simply cannot imagine the justification for a member club discretely paying a senior employee of the SFA.


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