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This is a subject I know fuck all about but I've got a mate who does. He's the fittest man in Scotland, and just turned 31.


He was saying on Friday that I need to ingest Omega 3 and tons of it, like the Strawberry flavoured oil rather than capsules.


Vit D and other stuff was on his list but Omega 3, he insists on.


Any of you use dietary supplements?


I can't argue with his logic, his knowledge (Kinesiology graduate), his references nor his condition. Just never done shit like this before.

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Your body will most likely excrete any excess vitamins etc anyway. A balanced diet wi plenty fruit and veg and no too much meat should be the aim.

I left more than half my Tournedos Rossini last night in a swish Madchester restaurant. Nothing to do with my Oysters starters (2nd time this year having gone more than 20 years not having them) and nowt to do wi the fact I was getting very pisched quick. Meat and me are getting divorced, or more properly, less acquainted in our old age. That's the second time in 3 or 4 months I've failed to finish steak and I never did this ever before. Just never going to order it again.


Was tempted by calves liver on the menu but the Sicilian waiter put me off when he described is as "chewy, like Octopus".


Fucking young poof. It was probably perfect for what I needed.

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ST, the do not exceed one capsule daily is bollocks. I've been recommended to take up to half a dozen at a time and I have. Didn't do me any harm. You fucking cunt. Fucks my equilibirum and accentuates my character disorder and schizoid personality my fucking arse.

My protein is a cracking site, good deals on their.  I take fish oil caps as well as multi vits and BCAA, the first two I've been taking for the last 3 years.
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Just when training, now and then though, I'm in a weird frame of mind right now, avoiding weights and pounding out the cardio, done a 3.5mile run on saturday, sparring yesterday and just back from a good session this morning, depends how I'm feeling I'll pop the BCAA, thursday night when i done a weights session I had about 5 of them.

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