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De Ja Vue but Happy with a Point ?

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Well, as much as I was gutted to have missed going to the game today I have to say that I was not surprised that we got a point but also not surprised that this draw feels like a wee defeat, but that's all down to wanting to beat the Huns sooooooo much, nothing to do with disappointment in the team itself as it sounded like we were getting pummelled near the end so well done The Dons for coming away from Hunbrox with a point and letting us hear Booooos at the end of coming from the Home crowd for a change other than at Pittodrie.  :thumbsup:


Rangers are NOt a good team and a good average middle of the table team will one day give them a hiding, unfortunately it's not us with our forward line :(

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just asked the question in the other thread, were worth the draw in the end? When I read Mackie was coming on I didnt think we'd get much more. Im satisfied with a point but I had the feeling we could get the three points.


When Mackie comes on these days it's left midfield and that scares the sh*t out of me cos I've seen better ball control from a Juggler with Greased Up Hands and more creativity from from a blind man asked to create a painted logo on a Canvas, so assume that Brown was happy with a draw as well.


But hey, there's nobody better in a Russian Box with his eyes shut at letting the ball hit his head and send us into the next round in Europe  :)  :wave:

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Yep, it was definitely Mackie's fault we drew 1-1 today.


Totally disagree ,,, It was obviously the refs fault for not counting that Rangers had 12 men on the park at all time ,,,,,, he didna count himself when he was wagging his fingers counting the players in blue shirts :)  :hammer:

I'm giving the Assistants the benefit of the doubt :)

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2 points dropped.


Nothing to do with Mackie.


We bottled it when we took the lead


Gotta say that we're not mentioning the fact it was a totally deflected goal the Huns got , and we canny score or create chances at the best of times against Kilmarnock Hearts Caley you name it recently (even Dundee Utd we were not great), so at the start of the game think we ALL would have taken a draw, just sods law that it always feels like it was the one that got away at the end of each game wi them these days.

We would have all been extatic if we had gone 1 down and fought back for a draw so lets take the point and move on to get behind the team in getting 3 next week against Dunfermline  :thumbsup:

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