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Even if we we're to get rid of broon. who would get that's any better? and who in their right mind would except the job? Maybe Phil Brown wasn't such a bad shout after all lol. I think we should, when we next appoint a manager, get someone in who knows nothing about the club and isn't pals we miller or Milne or anyone in the board and see what they make of it. Then some home truths might come oot.

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If Brown is removed and replaced by Pressley or Jeffries then the club just turn the lights out as far as I'm concerned.  We need to think out of the box and not make a lazy appointment, especially one that many fans aren't going to take to (if were looking to replace Brown of course).

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kenny Shiels will be our next manager.


Tyrant, sorry for picking this quote but did a search on Kenny Shiels and came up with this.

Anyway, Shiels was mildy entertaining when he took over a Killie, but frankly the guy has become a complete and utter bellend.

In all honesty does anyone actually give a fuck whether he does post match interviews or not ?




Kilmarnock: Self-gag threat by manager Kenny Shiels

Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels has threatened not to comment on refereeing decisions until officials agree to be interviewed themselves.


His words came after he cut short a BBC Radio Scotland interview after being asked his opinion of two penalties in their 1-1 draw with St Mirren.


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“The penalty changed the whole shape of the game”




"I will not answer questions about referees and I'm emphatic about that," Shiels told other media.


"I'm not doing any more interviews until the referees are interviewed."


When asked about the penalty awards on BBC Scotland's Sportsound programme, Shiels said: "Why are you asking me that?


"I'm comfortable with you guys in the media interviewing the referee, because I'm biased - I'll support my own club."


Scottish referees do not put themselves forward for such interviews, but Shiels said that he would be able to respond if they did.


If the referee gives a penalty, don't come on and ask me if it was a penalty or not," he said. "Ask the referee."


Shiels later apologised for cutting short his radio interview and explained to other media that he thought the penalty awarded against his own side was harsh.


Referee Brian Colvin pointed to the spot after St Mirren's Dougie Imrie was brought down by Mark O'Hara and Paul McGowan stepped up to fire past Cammy Bell.


That cancelled out Liam Kelly's opener, the result of Jon Robertson's challenge on Paul Heffernan.


"I have to watch what I say, Mark was unlucky," added Shiels.


"The conditions were really difficult for both teams and I was very pleased with the performance.


"We were in control of the game, but it was taken out of our hands - the penalty changed the whole shape of the game."


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I heard said "interview" last night. TBH be honest as soon as I heard Dick Gordon's question I knew it wasn't going to go down well. He is, of course entitled to ask and Kenny reacted like a bellend although arguably he's entitled to react in what ever way he wants.


It's boring now. And I hope I'm wrong about him being our next boss. I'm not sure I even think that any more.

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Why did you think it in the first place Tyrant?


I've also said it before and shall say it again that I would like to see Adams take over when CB and AK go.  That said I think they have earned themselves another year, we are miles better team than we were this time last season.

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