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Craig looking down under

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According to the EE, Pa Broon is going to hunt in Australia and New Zealand for the latest potential Dons players.


Quite a few decent players in Aussie. Couple of half-decent players in New Zealand playing for Wellington Phoenix as well. Kiwi keeper Mark Paston is phenomenal when he's on form. He was the man mainly responsible for New Zealand's 1-1 draw with the Italians in last year's World Cup. Strangely enough, Paston used to be third choice keeper at St Johnstone five years ago.


Kiwi midfielder Leo Bertos would be a decent enough signing too. He's creative and a bit cocky too.


Stacks of SPL-quality players in Australia too. Ex hun and Dunfermline midfielder Ian Fergus-hun is head coach at Perth Glory, so there could be the potential for Brown to pull a player or two from there.

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Spoke to a few guys who saw some Aussie fitbarecently and they were all completely underwhelmed by the standard, not so say there aren't any decent players, just that they didn't see any and the standard was very poor.



Sounds like they could still take the SPL by storm then.

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Think of it as SPL quality without the SPL weather. Standard is shit, but the crowds are getting bigger and bigger as each season passes. Melbourne Heart, for example, were only formed in 2009, and they're the smaller of two teams from the same city. But they are already pulling crowd averages of around 14000.


Whilst the SPL tends to be full of players from lesser known countries trying to be noticed by English clubs, the A-League tends to be full of players in the twilight of their careers. Robbie Fowler is loving his football again over in Australia ... and Craig Moore is still a fuckwit even though he's not at Rangers anymore.

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I still reckon they're missing a trick by not taking in some big names* from Poland and the like.


For starters the huge number of Poles living in the North East might take an interest in AFC if they had someone they've heard of strutting their stuff down Pittodrie.


Secondly they actually seem to want to up sticks and move to the North East, whereas you're lucky if you can get a player from the Central Belt to venture north of Perth without getting a nose bleed.


Thirdly they're all built like brick shithouses.





*I don't necessarily mean names that look like Countdown Conundrums that end in 'witz' or 'czek'

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