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Well done

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Well done Aberdeen,after all the shite thats been produced over the last 12/18mths.

im not getting carried away but its good to sit and enjoy my evening for the 4th match day in a row...


well done lads,long may it continue  :thumbsup:


It's a strange and unfamiliar feeling. Long may it continue!



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Think the draw is on Tuesday.

yes a great win for many reasons.

We are in the next round of the cup, we keep our momentum going and this result will go a long way to building on our confidence that has been steadily growing over the last few weeks.

Well done lads. 

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I dinna think it's nonsense, folk commenting on return of a proper half time warm up and stuff like that.

That wasn't a McGhee thing, the club has been like that for years, balls flying over the bar at half time, I agree that aspect is nice to hear but whether it has any effect on the games - time will tell. In any case, the poster wasn't referring to stuff like that but because we beat East Fife 6-0.

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Really what was professional about performances under Mcghee ?

We've reached the semi finals of the league cup under McGhee - from the easy win at Alloa to the hard working victory over Falkirk the players were professional.

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Fantastic don't care who,where etc we were playing we thumped them 6-0 and were in the bag for the next round.  Had the heart ripped out of me after the Parkhead debacle etc its early days yet with Broon were gonna have bad days but hes brought a degree of respect back to a season that was written off before Xmas and long may that continue.


Onwards and Upwards COYR.

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