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Wednesday 29th May 2024

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Tommy Sheridan guilty of perjury


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Well what a fucking surprise that has turned out to be.....NOT


As has already been said what a fucking total waste of taxpayers money that has been.

Any person with an I.Q north of five could have told you prior to this starting that the fucker was guilty as charged. Have to say that listening to his ramblings during his defence has been pure comedy gold, and to sum it up by saying to the jury please don't find me guilty as I'll go to prison and have to be away from my wife and little one was the icing on the cake.


Just goes to prove that many a good man (and Tommy Sheridan) have been undone by being led by the contents of their underpants.


Niall - There's a learning in there for you  ;)

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A legal expert on 5live said today the perjury happens every day in every court and goes unpunished.


He was completely mystified as to why a squabble between "a muck raking paper" and a "minor politician" merited such a huge amount of time and money given it was a civil and not criminal case.


I'm glad he's been done, never liked the cunt. Just a pity News International had a hand in it, as fatjim says, they (and Murdoch) completely out cunt Sheridan. But he's a cunt nonetheless.

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I think its all been a big stitch up with the media same as the wikileaks saga etc but thats what happens if you take on the Murdoch press (although he is guilty of some things would the man on the street have been pursued for it I dont think so )

Some companies/governments just have to much control now.


But as said he wont lose out as I am sure a book/movie etc will soon follow.


And I am sure he will enjoy picking the soap up in the shower in prison  ;D


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