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United Game Thread

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Like the back 4 today

Hart, McNamara, Considine, Foster


Hart, Severin, Considine, Foster...


Think Seve's got more physical presence for playing against a Levein team. Still don't especially like him playing at the back - he still plays like a midfielder but closer to the goal - but i'm happier that we've got someone in Jackie Mac who can replace him there.

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Guest dundee_red

Error by Considine, supposedly.




Error!  Try fuck up!  He tried to chest the ball back to soapy from inside teh 6 yard box, with a utd player on his shoulder. 

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Guest markylanegan

First post guys fae an Ayr red , hoped it would be in better circumstances - despite the score , did we give a good account of ourselves ....anybody stand oot ?

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I thought we played poorly in the first half (and towards the end of the second half). No width in first half, 4 midfielders grouped together, relying for width on fullbacks - very congested.

Need to take chances, unfortunately Mackie (first half) and Lovell (second half) didn't!

Need to win games like this, against 10 men for over a half.

Keeper (Soutar) looked reasonably good with one great save.

Fixture list hasn't been kind - to say the least - and we need to be very careful or confidence will be lost early on.

Again, excellent away support, 6,500!

New Dutch player looked Ok when he came on.

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See, the thing that annoys me most is we know how a Levein team works - 4-5-1, hoof it to the big man up top. Fuck me, JC famously told Lovell that's how he plays when he was trying to sign him. So why did we not bring on our most creative player, Jeffrey De Visscher (apparently, i've still not seen him apart from in Buckie), until it was almost do or die? The midfield was crowded, we're going to have more of the ball than them when they're down to 10, our biggest problem last season was our shocking lack of creativity, we've signed someone to address that, but left him on the bench.


Why the fuck can Chris Clark not be dropped, ever?!?!?! Is he riotously funny or something?! Is he THAT good to have in the dressing room? Is Jeff not gallus enough yet?

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Soutar - Looked good

Hart - Got down the line well, but all his crosses were too deep

McNamara - Didn't look sharp

Considine - Had a good game but should have booted it out the park instead of trying to be cute and making the mistake

Foster - ok

Nicholson - Didnt do much

Severin - Should have been in midfield

Clark - Didnt do much

Jamie Smith - poor

Miller - Was totally out marked by Kenneth  . Subs Not

Mackie - Didnt do much


Mair '83 - Mmm ok?

De Visscher '73 - Didn't do anything when he came on

Lovell '53 - looked bett than Miller


United looked sharper and far more up for it. Can we please play barca next season rather than wandering around Egypt!

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They'll come together as a team and get it right next week against hearts.


Confidenty predicting a 2-0 victory, a Mair double :thumbsup:

Can't share your optimism .


We're going down like a 2 dollar hooker!  JC needs to Wake the f&CK UP and realize that the team needs better results.

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