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EE: Aberdeen FC boss targets three new signings

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Aberdeen FC boss targets three new signings

McGhee to strengthen squad


By Charlie Allan :wave:


Published: 07/07/2010


ABERDEEN FC boss Mark McGhee today promised he will make three key signings ahead of the new season.


Northern Ireland internationals Rory McArdle and Josh Magennis are already on board.


Teenagers Conor Okus and Ryan Jones are also the first of a series of trialists McGhee plans to have a look at over the next few weeks.


But the Aberdeen FC manager also knows he still needs to find proper replacements for skipper Mark Kerr, defender Charlie Mulgrew and striker Steven Maclean, who have all moved on since last season

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he's not counting any trialists in that though. So it effectively could be a lot more. But don't let that stop you etc and so on and so forth...


needs to be more Bobby.

Paper thin squad ended the season, looks even weaker now back in pre season.

Appreciate five weeks to start of season, but remain unconvinced we'll get three quality signings prior to that.

The point will however be open to debate depending upon the individuals definition of quality ;)

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Yeah, but three more signings, plus successful trialists may be enough. I'm not saying that it is, but people are moaning about it before it's happened.



I'll be amazed if we get the 3 signings as well as a couple of trialists. :(

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If we sign any of those trialists then that is bound to be part of the 3 signings.


Can't remember where the interview was that I read, but the suggestion was definitely that he was looking to sign 3 players as well as trialists (not necessarily these two guys just now, but he said that trialists will be coming in all summer).

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