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3rd top release date

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The third top will not be available until Nike appove the release date which is going to be next week at the earliest. If it is confirmed for next week the club shops will start sending out some tops on Friday.


This means I wont have it for Saturday  >:D

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The new 3rd kit looks awesome. Good to see a bit of tradition with the old colours. Much better than the previous A-Fab experiment a decade or so ago!


Everybody now. Black and gold, barm.........ehh nevermind.

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That's utterly brilliant. So the club have a valid reason to fleece us.


I hope we get knocked out first round now... 



And when we make it through to the group stage, what will you do HTB?  I have a pint with your name on it when I'm over if we get knocked out in the 1st round.


I am supposed to be coming home for the holidays.

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Gonna cost me a fortune for strips when I get over.


New Home Top

3rd Top

Fraserburgh Top

Nairn County Top


Holy sh*t Drewsome, any tops you've forgotten there.  Aberdeen, The Broch, Nairn, Canada - Don't you know where your home is?


Actually I am starting a collection of obscure tops.


My basement bar currently features Toronto Lynx, Peterhead

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