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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Would it be that bad a thing?


Aberdeen, along with 9 other teams in the league have no other thing to play for other than scraps from the O.F. table.  Game after game, season after season.


The Dons, Hibs, United, Hearts and whoever else sneaks in to have a nibble at the breadcrumbs left over for a day in the sun or a 3rd place fucking in the arse from some no-mark team we've never heard from on a Tuesday night once a year.




Come to think of it I'm not surprised the players can't get up for a season where the best they'll manage is a win against a braying mob of 5000 in the hope you'll reach the dizzying heights of a now and again top three finish.




I think most of us will agree that most of the players who have played for AFC have not been of a high enough standard.  In fact I know for a fact that a bright young star of not too long ago gave my brother more of a lift from seeing him fit his hall carpet than he ever did from seeing him pull on a red shirt.


So would it be that bad to see them actually having to give a fuck after a shock to the system of dropping down a league?


The players would have something to play for - promotion into the prestiege of the SPh(el)L, increased (cough) wages, the chance of bringing down a giant in the cups, winning the league, different grounds to play against and different opposition for the first time in fuck knows how long.  We might actually win something sometimes.


Leeds were well supported and still seem to have kept a decent, loyal, excited support watching their team work their way back up.  God knows the Scots love an underdog and we've endured a lot worse than getting beat by Livi 3 or 4 times in one season.  In fact none of us are raise an eyebrow when those types of results roll through.  So why fucking not?


Top 6, the odd pummelling abroad or a 3 hour bus journey down to Hampden once every decade for a sniff of a trophey.




I think I'd look more forward to a trip to Arbroath on a Saturday knowing we were in with at least a chance than a trip to Falkirk knowing we're going to struggle.


Apathy Football Club.


To be honest, I'm well past caring.



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I couldn't really care one way or the other if the Dons went down, frankly.


I used to give a shit... I remember punching a hole in a door after one particularly shite result back in my younger days. An Aberdeen defeat would see me miserable and grouchy as fuck for the better part of a week.


Then came the Milne years... the years in which he presided over the destruction of AFC as a force, and in fact turned the club into a laughing stock (see the Ebbe and Paterson years).


And with each passing year, with the club falling further into disrepair, I cared less and less. Nothing was done to arrest the slide, and in fact it seems like some decisions were made with the express purpose of harming the club.  I've come to the conclusion that our decline was intentional and deliberate on the part of the people in charge... because it's hard to believe it was purely down to mismanagement.  Years and years and years of mismanagement.  There are teenagers who havent seen AFC win anything at this point.


Now they could get relegated and I doubt I would give fuck.


In fact I know I wouldn't.





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I think i'm with this idea. Infact, relegation could only be made better for us if roy castle blew the tune on his trumpet. Relegation ... Ooh relegation. Relegation,that's what we need.  Anyway. I've no doubt that fans would still turn up in decent numbers if we did well in div1. My only worry is that div1 is full of teams who regularly embarass us in the cups. What if they humiliate us in the league too? Doubt we could survive more than one season out of the spl

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The end of the club in what way?


Low attendances?


No money?


Shite cup runs?


Defeats to lower league teams?


The city falling out of love with the club?


Shite football?


We're already there.


so why make it worse?


Even contemplating this could be a good idea is fucking hideous.

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this would be a terrible terrible scenario for Aberdeen .

we would not come back up in fact we might struggle to stay mid league .


just wondering you guys do you think anyone of influence or authority at the club ever visits here and looks at the posts to gage the fans view . if so and your reading this now please tell milne and co how mch we are hurting as you appear to be total out of touch with us  :(

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