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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Aberdeen v Hamilton


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What's with there being no match thread?!


I for one think we'll walk this game. A nice attacking 4-3-3 please with goals-a-plenty.


Not sure i'm gonna make it to the game though.


Aberdeen v Hamilton


MARK MCGHEE today admitted his Aberdeen side face a rejuvenated Hamilton Accies at Pittodrie tomorrow in the Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League.


The Dons boss knows his players will need to be on top of their game against Billy Reid's galvanised team. He said: "They are hard to contain and in the match against Hearts on Sunday they had them on the back foot for the entire match.


"Hamilton are physical, well-organised and have a great work ethic. They are a good team, a big team, and it is going to be a difficult physical contest."


"It is a match in which we are going to have to keep the ball. If we want to fight Hamilton, with the likes of Peter Pawlett and Michael Paton in the team, we will lose the match.


"We have to keep possession. If we want to outplay them and keep the ball then we can win."


The Dons players will be determined to match the performance which they showed against Rangers, last time out at Pittodrie. Three points tomorrow could also bring them closer together with the leading pack in the SPL. The manager said: "Hibs and Dundee United have opened up a gap over us, which we cannot afford to let get any bigger.


"We have to close that deficit, and haul ourselves up beside them.


"That can be done soon because we face both of them over the course of the next few weeks."



Hamilton miss Leon Knight for the trip to Aberdeen after the striker received a one-match ban for his part in the brawl after Sunday's match with Hearts.


Otherwise, Hamilton have no new injury concerns, with long-term casualties Derek Lyle and James Gibson still out.


Aberdeen team news to follow.


Hamilton from: Cerny, Hastings, Kirkpatrick, McClenahan, Canning, McLaughlin, Wesolowski, Mensing, McArthur, Antoine-Curier, Neil, F Paixao, M Paixao, Murdoch, Elebert, Evans, Wilkie, Beuzelin.

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Win here moves us up to 5th should Celtic beat Motherwell. If we play a positive game then we should be able to beat them comfortably.


I'm hoping so, we really need to beat teams like Hamilton at home, and comfortably. Really hope the team can put last weeks performance behind them and have a good showing.

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Wasn't that bad really until Hamilton scored the opener, then we were all over the shop.

Eventually managed to get it back to 1-1, although the goal was nothing special.

Hamilton carved us open like a Christmas Turkey for the winner.

Would not single out any player as a shining light as they were all pish!

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I see that MM's post match interview or comments are NOT on BBC website ..... did he give one?

I really hope he gave that bunch of useless wankers what for in the dressing room at full time.

No wonder Deek Young wants to stay here for the remainder of his contract, he might get a fuckin game!




Taxi for the Aberdeen 1st XI that played today ....

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Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee:

"I think the performance was poor, and to get back into it at 1-1, when we weren't sure we were going to manage that, only to contrive to lose the game was massively disappointing.


"Hamilton came here and they were everything we expected them to be, full of determination and worth ethic - competing for every ball.


"Our young players can learn from that, because they didn't always do that today. They played in fits and starts, and they need to do better.


"I think young players can be inconsistent, but we can't use that as an excuse for them.


"If they want to be in the first team and they pick up the jersey, we demand consistency and go out there, and at the very worst, work as hard as Hamilton did.


"I don't think we did, and we were beaten because Hamilton worked harder than us."

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Any of the lads at the game today see anything at the end between Tommy Wright and Dingus?


this was posted on Mad:


not sure if anyone else saw this to day but at the end of todays game when the players wer walking down the tunnel, for some strange reason scott leitch had to hold back tommy wright as he was clearly well pissed of with mark mcghee and the 2 of them wer having a right go at each other which led mcghee telling wright to get the f**k down the tunnel.

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But what you hear at the game. Its always Mackie and co that get all the boo's while Aluko just gets praise for making an arse of something


In that case, because we know Aluko can do it. We've watched Mackie for over ten years and he's ding. Constantly ding. And Dave and Kow can post up his goals from Dnipro or Parkhead if they want, but the boy is a poor, poor player and has been for years.  You can not throw that at Aluko.


By all means, if he's been pish then say it, but if you want the guy to get pelters in the way Mackie does (and I'm not for a second saying it's right Mackie gets those pelters) then you're tripping buddy.

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The natives are restless on the hat. Still coming out with bollocks like "writing off this season in the name of progress"


How long before the post it notes with "TAKSI 4 mCGEE" are out?


We are pish though.


Just spent about 15 minutes reading some good stuff on the hat, stuff I wasn't clever enough to work out for myself....


For example, we lost today because Jimmy signed Tommy Wright. We lost because Jimmy left us with so much shite. Todays result was one of our worst ever, and Mark Mcghee is clueless.




I'm very happy I had to work this weekend and missed this match, but the hysterical over-reaction is just typical. We are in a period of transition (albeit a needless one in my opinion, but we've already done that to death) and we have to be patient even after results like this. Inconsistency and poor quality football - the horrible reality of the situation we find ourselves in this season.


It's January sales time in the next few weeks, and I hope our Board of Directors are on the ball. Mcghee needs to be granted a transfer wish or two to quench the embers of unrest already smouldering amongst our fickle fans.


For us in the real world, bring on the hibs.

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