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Willo Flood

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Apparently very unsettled at Celtic. This guy would be a great option if we could hammer out a loan deal that doesn't involve the word "wages"  :wave:


Noticed that on BBC earlier today as well. Seems like he would be keen on first team football and doesn't think he would get the chance to impress Mowbray.

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Can't see Celtic supporting us in any way with squad enhancement. They are not really looking to reduce their wages budget either. No go-er for me, although would be happy to see him with us, if only to stick two fingers up at UTD  :P


Can he play in defence ?  ;)

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Was he not a loan player with them ? Celtic signed him from Cardiff did they not. Again, I'd be surprised if Celtic want to assist any of the top six to strengthen.


Yep, he was. Any loan to an SPL team would involve a clause that rules him out of playing against Celtic surely?


I don't like his name


I don't like the sound of the Ricketts guy either


Am I becoming nameist  :-[


Yes, quite frankly! Take a good hard look at yourself.

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I think it's because his name should be Will O'Flood. What the fuck kind of name is Willo?!


Ok, I can always be counted upon for stating the bleeding obvious, so here goes....... "Orish"


Might be some bright sparks idea of shortening Wilfred....as in Bramble

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