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EE: Aberdeen FC freeze season ticket prices


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Aberdeen FC freeze season ticket prices

Red Army facing race for cheap seats


Published: 28/04/2009


ABERDEEN FC fans will have to be quick off the mark if they want to avoid paying more for their season tickets next term.


Aberdeen FC have frozen prices at the same levels as last season, but only until May 30.


Those who take advantage of the Super Saver scheme will pay the same as they did three years ago, but fans purchasing tickets after that have to pay extra.


Supporters who pay at the gate will also be charged an average of £1 extra.


For a full breakdown of the season ticket prices, see today's Evening Express.

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I thought Aberdeen was bucking the trend, and was still in growth not recession? Which would make the article accurate?


I dont know if it is growing, static or in recession!?! But that has nothing to do with the article as they are implying that there is a problem with the economy.

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You're suggesting that there isn't an economic crisis?


No, but they are saying they will helping by keeping season tickets at last years prices. However for pay at the gate it is going up. If you were feeling the effect of the economic turndown you may not be able to shell out hundreds of pounds available to spend next month, so have to just pay at the gate costing them more. Its not well thought out is my point.

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I think in comparison to other clubs, this is a pretty raw deal. Poor effort AFC. Why increase the gate prices?!!? (obviously to increase revenue in hard times but thats not the point)


Taking into account the millions of afchat posters who aren't renewing their season tickets, it seems like a good idea from a financial point of view.

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EE U-turn


Anger as children asked to pay more


Published: 28/04/2009


ICE TO SEE YOU: Aberdeen FC players Derek Young, left, and Jamie Langfield promote the new prices with Angus the Bull.

More Pictures


ABERDEEN FC today defended the decision to increase some kids’ season ticket prices by 40%.


Aberdeen FC blamed the poor economic climate for forcing them to ask fans to fork out more money.


Existing season ticket holders can still book their seats at this season’s prices – as long as they do it by May 30.


But those who don’t meet the deadline will pay more.


An Under-12 child’s ticket for the Merkland Stand is set to rise 40%, from £50 to £70.


A Merkland season ticket for two adults and two children will also rise from £526 to £637.


Aberdeen spokesman Dave Macdermid said: “We’ve been forced to increase prices because our costs have risen considerably over the last two years.


“We were the only SPL club who froze ticket prices a year ago for the current season.


“We’ve also made every effort possible to reward the fans who have backed us this term by freezing the prices until the end of May.


“The price they will pay is also the same as it was two years ago.â€


Fans aged under 12 years old will pay £50 if they sign-up by May 30.


But it will cost them £70 if they buy season tickets after Saturday, July 4.


Macdermid said: “Those tickets cost £60 back in 2006, but were reduced for two years.


“The price rise imposed works out at £1 per game. We have done all we possibly can to keep our ticket prices low.â€


Fans paying at the gate to get into Pittodrie on match day will also pay £1 more.


Macdermid said that rise has been imposed by every club in Scotland’s top flight.

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Do the club not realise £50 is better than £0?


I also noticed the offshore season ticket has been put up by a tenner, they are going to have to pull something special off over summer because there is fuck all incentive for me just now to be spunking away £200 odd to have a repeat of this season.

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AFC is a business. How many other business do you see lowering their prices just now? Their overheads aren't decreasing, and tickets have been frozen for a couple of years. In fact, season tickets at Aberdeen are cheaper than a lot of other teams like Killie and Caley...and look at the bottom 6 fare they serve up.


Personally, I think having a special offer for existing season ticket holders is good. How many times do we hear complaints about how season ticket holders get no perks (cheaper tickets for cup games, etc)? Here it is.

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An increase in season ticket prices would have been the last straw for many supporters, and probably the tipping point for those who were considering not renewing. I think given the current economic conditions, and the performances over the last few seasons we're going to see a reduction in ST numbers but hopefully nothing too dramatic.


Corporate hospitality and gate receipts has usually been a 50-50 split in terms of revenue for the club. I can see the hospitality stream sufferring this year as companies in the NE look to cut unnecessary items from their expenses.


Personally, I'd like to see more thought into the targeting of young fans to put bums on seats. After all, these kids will hopefully continue to watch AFC as they grow up so it's more of a long term view thats needed here.

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Caley match ticket prices:


Adult: £18.50-28.00 (A); £14.50-24.50 (B)

Conc: £16.50-23.50 (A); £12.50-£19.50 (B)

U16: £10.50-23.50 (A); £6.50-19.50 (B)


Killie 08/09 season ticket prices:


Adult                 £300

U21/Student         £190

Under 18                 £120

Under 16                 £80

Under 12                    £60

Senior (over 65)  £170


Hibs adult prices:




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