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Thursday 30th November 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

HJK Helsinki v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Stuff wot i found on teh internetz

Guest Nellie The Don

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Guest Nellie The Don

Found something funny, odd or otherwise noteworthy?  Why not post it here so the rest of us can waste our live pointlessly sifting through frivolous junk like the ADO generation we are, too. YAY!  :thumbsup:


Here's a blog of a guy ranting at cute animals.




EDIT: "What's this doing in M,G and M?" I hear you ask.  Well it should be in Off Topic but I'm a bit crap and fucked up. Is there an adult around who can move it? Thanks.

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Guest Nellie The Don

Not at him, but I was extremely disappointed with his link.


Where's YOUR link then? eh? EH?


Thats what I thought.

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Amputee cage fighter makes his debut


Kyle Maynard, a congenital amputee has made his cage fighting debut in Alabama, a place where the sport isn't even regulated yet.


Maynard made his debut against an able-bodied fighter, Bryan Fry, who according to a news report could have kicked Kyle in the head, but it seems he chose not to. Why? Because that would have just been unfair.







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